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April Artemis

Postby Delphinan » Wed Mar 27, 2013 2:35 pm

So, Artemis at Dragon?

Last I heard, the usual 'dry-run' for those of us who host this on April 5th, then the more open event on April 12th?

I'll note we should say the April 12th will be a BYOC to get more people to bring their own systems, tablets, etc. The wireless has shown it can reach multiple rooms. I would also ask, given the rash of theft as Joe reported, that we set up the main game in a room with only one door, to protect our own stuff we let others use.

Also, if you have Artemis installed, check out the Artemis download page to get the latest version. I'll update the USB drive with the latest so we can install at the campus to the main server and others.

Those of you with ArtClient (the Android unofficial app), check for the current one that is supposed to work with the latest version of the server.

Also in the Artemis news, the OFFICIAL Android app for Artemis is in Beta! Those of you with iOS Artemis will soon have competition.... 8-)
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