Using the board.

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Using the board.

Postby Administrator » Thu Apr 10, 2008 12:16 pm

Out of character areas.

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to post in the out of character areas, especially if you have any questions or concerns.

Also, if you have new spells you want to get approved, the rules forum is the best place to do it, as it means I can do it when sitting down with all my books at my finger tips.

In Character areas.
Anyone who is registered can view the public in character areas. However, only people who actually have character names registered can post in the in character areas. (Staff may occasionally break this rule, just so we don't have to register 40 NPC accounts.)

I have set up the boards such that parts of the IC board are restricted to certain groups. (for example both Second Opinion and Proscribed Path each have a private forum.) No matter what account you are logged in as, once I have set up your account groups, you can view *all* forums *any* of your characters can view. For example, if you have a Ring member in Cirque De Perdue, and a Proscribed Path Member in Gates of Gold, and an Out of Character Account, just for completeness, being logged in to any of the accounts would allow you to read posts in the Proscribed Path private forum. However only the Proscribed path account would be able to *post* to the Proscribed Path forum.

(I *did* consider trying to recode the board to allow "merged" accounts, such that you would only have one account, but the user name and signature for that one account would show up differently depending on which board you are on. Then I considered shooting myself in the head as it would almost certainly be more fun.)
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Re: Using the board.

Postby Jared Thaler » Sun Jun 22, 2008 8:05 pm

New Forum for Cirque des Perdues IC non-public discussion added to the boards.
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