Towards the horizon...

This air ship caries our brave heroes adventuring forth in search of glory, treasure, and tears for while their bodies may be broken and their lives taken nothing can kill a dream.

Towards the horizon...

Postby Fetch » Wed Jun 02, 2010 11:12 pm

For any members of the dirigible that care to look the name Kalinda has carved itself into the bow just behind the figurehead. The figurehead herself looks ever eagerly towards the horizon as if her greatest desire is to cross that illusionary line. The weather in the spring is fair but wet providing plenty of water to the ballast tanks for the crew. Tears are low and chemically induces leaving soot inside the engine but enough to hold out for a few days. The squirrel's map points west over the great planes altho the purpose is unknown.

For the time being a closer touchdown seem likely, a pit-stop to finish repairs and refueling before the longer leg of the journey. For now the skies are clear with no immediate sign of pursuit.
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