[read this] Board Navigation and Etiquette

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[read this] Board Navigation and Etiquette

Postby Fetch » Sat Feb 27, 2010 8:16 pm

Board Navigation
The boards are broken down into two main parts.

First up, the Game Administration boards are for out of character (OC or OOC) discussion. Of particular note you should plan to read anything posted in the Announcements forum. Things posted here are important to everyone playing one or more of the games.
Also important are links to useful resources such as the wiki.

Below this all we have the Roleplaying Forums. Within this section each game has a section where in character (IC) discussions and interactions can occur. Characters who are meeting up between games can post their conversations here.

It is the strong preference of Staff that accounts use the name of the character they represent. This makes in character threads much easier to follow and makes our job managing the boards far more convenient leaving more time to actually run game.

If you need your account name changed PM me and it will be so.

It is also nice if people follow the formatting conventions found here when posting in the Roleplaying Forums.

When you have questions, downtime actions, or other things to communicate with Staff please PM the appropriate Staff group.

Thank you.
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