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Postby Fetch » Sat Feb 27, 2010 8:22 pm

You will likely need to get in touch with Staff. The best way to contact Staff is to send a PM to the appropriate Staff group on these boards. For example if you wish to get in contact with the Staff of Garden of Eden you should send a PM to the group GoE Staff.

The game Cirque Des Perdue, abbreviated CdP on the boards, is run by:
Lucas - Account: Fetch
Jin - Account: The Dragon
Miles - Account: Milk Waffler
To send PMs to all CdP staff, PM "CdP Staff". Email can be sent to cirque.des.perdue@gmail.com.

In addition Cirque Des Perdue has several adjudicators. These people are players who can answer questions about and if need be enforce the rules. They can also run simple scenes such as heading heading out to town.
Bryce ie Dr Brown - Account: The Doctor
Flipper ie Renee - Account: Renee
Breck ie Z - Account: never checked

Arkham Horror, aka AH, is run by:
Even - Account: Mr E

Garden of Eden, GoE for short, is run by:
Bryce - Account: Flying Mouse
Flipper - Account: Sticky Fish
Miles - Account: Milk Waffler
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