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Downtime Glamour Harvest

Postby Fetch » Fri Mar 19, 2010 12:56 am

Staff has been using this basis for harvesting Glamour over downtime for quite a while. I just remembered that it never got posted here previously.

When the Glamour Boon(+2) is added to a pledge with a mortal the changeling receives one Glamour per game.
Advantages: No downtime action cost. Steady.
Disadvantages: Only generates a small trickle of glamor. Have to maintain the pledge.

In a mortals dreams the changeling can harvest Glamour by choosing an amount of Glamour to aim for. They make an extended Wits + Composure + Wyrd (or other appropriate pool + Wyrd) test at half an hour per draw. If they succeed before the mortal wakes or before they run out of tests they get the amount of glamor they aimed for. Penalties may be taken to reduce the time per test down to 5 minutes at -5 per test.
Advantages: Produces a lot of Glamour. By definition is done while sleeping so the first one does not cost a normal downtime action.
Disadvantages: Requires pledges, Contract of Dream, or some other method of entry. Miscalculation or bad luck can leave you with nothing for your effort. Can be a Clarity Breaking Point.

Goblin Fruit
Split into a single foraging roll and an extended gathering roll. Each success on the foraging roll indicates one patch of goblin fruit found.
Foraging Roll: Intelligence + Survival (+ Harvest)
Penalties can be taken when looking for specific fruits.
-1 common kind of fruit(Glamour or healing)
-2 special fruits(one limited/weak special ability)
-3 uncommon kinds of fruits(fruits with a moderately powerful special ability)
-4 to -5 rare fruits(powerful fruits with rare abilities)
-1 or more, looking for a specific kind of fruit rather than a general type(Sailor's Breath instead of any healing fruit)
-1 to outright impossible, out of season
+1 or more, peak of season
Gathering Roll: Varies by fruit but often Survival + Wits or Dexterity with one fruit gathered per success. Over downtime this is extended and applies to all fruits found. If you find 10 fruits but only roll 8 on the extended gathering roll you're stuck with 8.
Field Concentration: Single draw divided by absolute value of the rarity. For Glamour and healing this means 1 d10 / 1
Advantages: Can produce all kinds of fruits, not just Glamour. With a good pool can produce a lot of fruit.
Disadvantages: Takes a downtime action, requires navigating the Hedge, and can be dangerous(based on luck test).

Fruit Garden
Characters can tend a garden in a hollow. Extended Wits + Crafts as per "Rites of Spring" with a number of successes needed per fruit equal to the penalty for searching out that kind of fruit. Glamour and Healing fruits are 1 fruit per successes while rare fruits are 1 fruit per 4 or 5 successes. Just like planting the fruit initially, gardening requires some kind of sacrifice as fertilizer. Fruits grow in time for the next game(usually).
Advantages: Can produce all kinds of fruits.
Disadvantages: Requires a downtime action and a sacrifice. Limited to goblin fruits already successfully planted.

Allow a single draw in combination with appropriate downtime actions involving mortals, such as regaining Willpower via Virtue or Vice, and allow a number of draws equal to Wits for downtime actions devoted only to regaining Glamour.
Advantages: Can be combined with other action. Relatively safe source of Glamour.
Disadvantages: Produces less Glamour than some other methods. Costs a downtime action.

If a DTA thematically taps a recurring Motif in a changeling's life they can draw glamour from their place in fates story. This is a strait Wyrd test with each success generating 1 Glamour.
Advantages: Can be combined with other actions.
Disadvantages: Produces less Glamour than some other methods. Character becomes locked in the Motif for Wyrd sessions suffering -1 to any attempts to avoid or fight the Motif. This penalty can go as high as -3 if more people tap the Motif.

((Edited for spelling. --Joe))
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