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[read this] Notable House Rules

Postby Fetch » Thu Mar 25, 2010 5:02 pm

If you are not familiar with the rules presented in The World of Darkness or Changeling: the Lost this section is irrelevant to you.

There are a number of house rules and clarifications that have been made to the game as time has progressed. Many of these can be found scattered around the boards, especially in the official rules declarations and in the rules and setting questions boards. Most you will simply pick up in play as they are important. A few however bear special note.

• PK apps - Most people do not kill over minor insults or petty grievances. Likewise we expect player's characters to, by and large, not be utter sociopaths and invoke murder only as a last resort. To this end if you wish to kill another player character you must submit an application to Staff detailing the reasons your character is pursuing this course of action and what less extreme measures they have already taken in an effort to settle their dispute.
Players are free to waive the need of a PK app against their character if they wish to live dangerously or if they feel their characters actions are deserving of death. On occasion Staff may require that players waive the need for a PK app if they pursue actions that can only logically lead to other PC's needing to put them down.

• You may play a character at Clarity 0. Playing a character with Clarity 0 is one action that results in the mandatory waiving of PK app.

• All characters start at Clarity/Morality 7. You cannot drop this for exp(or any other reason) at character creation.

• Combat may be run as written if the participants agree or at ST discretion but has officially been changed to a "act-move-act-move" format. In this mode during the act phase characters can perform their normal actions. If they choose to run they take only those steps in excess of 5. During the move phase all characters move simultaneously taking one step per count as someone counts down from 5 to 1.

• There are actually rules for crippling characters now. Specifics can be found under the rules for called shots.

• Spending exp to improve your characters traits requires in character justification. As a side effect traits your character doesn't qualify for(mostly relevant to Mantle and Court Goodwill) will be lost.
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