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[read this] Newbie Guide

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Before Game
1. Remember to get your character sheet from staff and a deck of cards (set of 1-10, no Jacks, Kings, or Queens).
2. Game officially begins at 7pm. Any relevant announcements will be given by staff then, and then game begins (meaning you can start to roleplay with whoever is around). If you miss announcements, ask another person what they were.

During Game/Online Forums
1. Dropping OOC - Display the OOC sign (index + middle finger together) when dropping out of character. Otherwise you are assumed to be playing your character, and should rp accordingly. On the forums, use "((" and "))" to surround your ooc comment, or otherwise indicate it is ooc.
2. Meta-gaming - If your character did not learn it personally, they do not know information you learned out of character. Accordingly, your character should not behave differently based on OOC information. Some exceptions can be made for the purposes of helping a new or bored player join in a scene, but generally meta-gaming is frowned on and considered cheating.

After Game
1. Return your character sheet to staff and cards (if you borrowed any) before you leave game!
2. Cleanup game site. We want to stay on good terms with the university and that means taking care of the rooms and other spaces we use.
3. It is your responsibility to send staff a PM of any new pledges* or equipment obtained. Otherwise, staff has no record of it and it does not exist and cannot benefit you. Please include wording of the pledge, as staff will work out pledge mechanics.

*Pledges are supernatural deals changelings can make. You should be informed somehow when a pledge is made, so if you don't know what this is yet, it probably does not apply to you.

Downtime Actions (DTAs)
DTAs are note-worthy things your character is doing between games that is time-consuming and/or requires a card draw. DTAs must be sent by PM to staff by midnight Sunday (5 days before game). DTAs are usually finished by staff and usually returned via PM sometime Wednesday-Friday of game week, so be sure to check your PMs for them before game. Late DTAs have no guarantee of being completed, so please send DTAs in on time! The number of DTAs you receive is equal to your character's dots of Resolve. Provide enough detail so the staff knows what you are doing. If you are using information gained in game, please specify what this is and where you got it, also.

    Example of bad DTAs:
      DTA 1. I got some information from character X. I would like to investigate to see if it is true or not.
      DTA 2. My character got a list of names and photographs from character X. I will research these people.
      DTA 3. I am going to go to the library and do research.
    Example of good DTAs:
      DTA 1: Jack told me about a suspicious person with a phoenix tattoo who hangs outs near character X's bar. I would like to stake out the location and investigate this.
      DTA 2: I have a list of names and photographs of the recently murdered bodies pictured in the news on 10/15. I will research who these people are.
      DTA 3. I am going to go to the library to do some general research on changeling mythology.
Some merits such as status, contacts, or allies give you an "extra DTA" so to speak, as you are asking someone else to do something for you rather than doing it yourself. For instance, you can ask your Contacts (Police) to tell you if they have seen any suspicious activity by the river recently. This does not cost you a DTA.

Experience (XP)
XP is handled entirely over PM. PM staff to find out how much xp you have, or to spend it. Xp purchases must be justified by a short explanation of what your character has done to achieve it. Higher dots require more justification than lower dots (ie, it's easier to get Firearms 1 than Firearms 5).

Contract purchases are special in that they are acquired by performing some ritual to please the spirit. They must be justified by a short explanation of what ritual you are using to try to please the element. Staff strongly encourages you to perform these rituals during game as opposed to simply sending in a DTA for it. The ritual must be related to the contract you want to gain; as with normal xp purchases, higher dots require more work and justification. Goblin contracts are a special category of contracts requiring no ritual, but need to be purchased at a goblin market.

Staff may deny any purchase if they feel the justification is weak or the ritual is not appropriate/enough to gain the level of the contract.

      I would like to buy Firearms 1. I am justifying this by heading out to the shooting range and taking lessons.
      I would like to buy Fang and Talon 1. I am justifying this by behaving as my chosen animal would for a week.
Mantle and Court Goodwill
These merits are special in that they must be maintained. Mantle and court goodwill should reflect how your character behaves and lives. With staff discretion, you may lose these dots if you do not roleplay having them. Lower mantle/goodwill is easier to justify buying/keeping than higher mantle/goodwill.
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