Need help working out a token.

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Re: Need help working out a token.

Postby Fetch » Thu Sep 19, 2013 10:44 am

It's largely up to ST interpretation but as a rule of thumb the question is: would you be shocked if a soldier pulled it out of their rucksack. A radio or log or even assault rifle should be fine.

However, things can have fantastical appearance. So you could pull out a "miniature sun" that acts like a lantern (produces similar amounts of heat and light, ect). You could not pull out a "miniature sun" that is as hot or bright as the real sun.

Your edge cases, where ST ruling is libel to be case-by-case, are things like oceans. On the one hand summoning a ocean is game-breaking and it's definitely not "unexceptional" but on the other hand a "large quantity of water" is about as mundane as you can get and, depending on volume, might not be game-breaking.
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