Seattle Alliance

Seattle Alliance

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Seattle counts six major allied freeholds and five more small freeholds as well as an indeterminate number of communities that have wholly sworn fealty to Seattle.

Larger Allies:
- A strongly seasonal freehold they are located on the far east of the state in an area that continues to draw it's wealth from natural resources. In the 80's when Seattle first began their alliance Spokane was the first to join and presumably played it's part forming the alliance oath.
- The home of US hops production joined in the 90's. Details of the joining itself are hard to dig up(for the beast pair) but the major change occurred in the years after Yukima signed on with Seattle. It seems they adopted a council similar to Seattle after joining thereby replacing the more traditional single monarch rule they enjoyed previously.
- A part of the larger Seattle area Lakewood seems to be a separate freehold in little more than name. The rulers of Lakewood seem to act as governors under the Seattle council as they enforce the larger freeholds laws and send problems up the chain to the council.
Tri-City Freehold
- The Tri-Cities, Kennewick, Pasco, and Richland, took quite some time to decide to join the alliance. The area has one seasonal freehold that splits itself along city lines. Motleys in each area jockey for position. The actual joining is reported to have been a political move by members of Kenneqick as they managed to sign in winter thereby gaining the support from Seattle needed to place a spring monarch from their city as well.
Oak Harbor
- This freehold is extremely secretive. Abut all Renee is able to dig up about them is that they are now and always seem to have been a countless freehold.
Vancouver(the US one), Clark College
- The Clark College freehold seems to have joined the alliance in response to a near war with a pair of freehold from the Portland/Vancouver area. The aggressive freeholds were enough of a threat that the College paid the price for Seattle's protection. Since then Seattle has set distinct limits on the growth of the aggressive expansionist freeholds allowing the College the freedom they wanted. Still some claim they could have maintained greater autonomy if they had pursued a different course of action.

Smaller Allies:
Forest Grove and Salem, Oregon
- These two freeholds, like Clark College, were facing pressure from the Heyden Island and Balanced Northwest Cycle freeholds. They chose the position of Seattle's allies rather than forced conversion to the Portland freeholds. They have both since adopted a council similar to Seattle and Salem in particular tends to rely on Seattle as a high court.
Kettle Falls
- Quite possibly the most boring freehold around. An old fishing and shipping town it certainly hasn't managed to grow into other area as Bellingham or Seattle have.
Oroville and Osoyoos
- A recent addition to the alliance the Oroville and Osoyoos freehold(s) seem to be a constant dance as the resident changelings can't seem to make up their mind about how they are organized and who's in charge. Their joining consisted largely of an invitation being extended and the Spring Queen agreeing. She was subsequently displaced by a Northern Courtier who gathered others around the idea that they should be independent. However the queens faction continued paying the alliance dues to Seattle and the Princess of the Sun and her counterpart, sister, and fellow escapee from Arcadia, Princess of the Moon, current rulers of the area with the moon holding Osoyoos and the sun holding Oroville consider their freehold members of the alliance once more.
Victoria, Canada
- This small freehold falls under a light directional rule and joined the Seattle alliance when a power-grab by an influential Winter Courtier upset the balance and resulted in a was of attrition with a Fae known as the Shining Host. With Seattle's help they managed to fight off the Fae and track the WInter Courtier as a privateer.

Small Communities:
A number of small communities, usually between two and six changelings, have simply sworn featly to Seattle and become members of the court spreading it's domain out into small nooks and crannies of the world. Included in this list is Concrete and Lake Cavanaugh. Some are simply small motleys in the middle of no-where who wanted extra support to fall back upon, others have suffered devastating attacks and joined the alliance for safety.
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