Hobfia Market [staff]

Hobfia Market [staff]

Postby Fetch » Thu Apr 22, 2010 5:29 pm

I'd like to get together a (non-exclusive) list of regular merchants just so we have a general idea of who's (almost) always in the market. Pertinent information includes a brief description, whether they are a day or night merchant, and what they sell.
Underline indicates more a category than individual.
• Bullets are followed by tags relevant to the establishment.

The Restaurant
• Day/Night
I think everyone knows this one but it's the big shiny restaurant in the center of town. It's the Hobfia headquarters and quite popular. They mostly sell food, information, membership, and land/hollows in the city.
Notable hobs would be the Hobfather(big boss, four arms), The Manager(runs the day to day, big ogre), and Concetto (the Maître d').

The Dirty Flagon
• Day/Night
This bar is a working hobs kinda place. It caters to merchants and sailors looking to relax without worrying about customers and deals more than one needs to just to get by. Buying a round or three for the bar will get one access to "the back way out" which leads to the back ally.

Orchid Lounge
• Night
This nightclub is a great party place for those that like dancing and drinking until they black out. Back-rooms are available for those with or wishing to order a date.

Alley Merchants
• mostly night
When most merchants close for the darkness some come out in the alleys to pedal less savory wares. Many are hobstitutes.

Body Merchants
• night, Alley Merchants
These merchants sit around on coolers playing cards when not engaging in their trade in body parts. They buy and sell anything from livers and arms to voices and postures. Expect surgery if you deal with them. Anything they give or take takes the form of some kind of body mod.
Names: Bruce, and some other names.

Music Box Player
• night, Alley Merchant
This hob pedals bad dreams and dark feelings, mostly of the gew-gaw level. He sits around playing depressing or fingers-on-chalkboard music from a box tied to his chest.

Disease Merchant (played by Gene so far)
• night, Alley Merchant
This hob and her assistant petals in all sorts of diseases. She has a small stand-box full of vials containing just what you need. Currently has an interest in obtaining vampiricism or lycanthropy to add to her collection.

Back Ally Brothel
• night, Ally Merchants
Hobstitutes in the BABrothel offer fast and efficient service as well as a smattering of dark and pleasant emotions. Some also work in dreams and nightmares and are even rumored to be incubi.

House of the _____
• mostly day but some night
There are a number of houses around each with some symbol of their trade engraved in the door.

House of the Heart
• day, House of the Merchant
This house has a heart engraved on the door and to gain entry one must bear a token of entry bought from another merchant or be feeling exceedingly strong emotion at the moment. The hallway leads to a room crammed with all sorts of knickknacks and an old crone in a rocking chair. The crone will sell emotions and take precious items.
The defenses in this house curse thieves to fall in love with semi random targets whom they never normally would. The love is also contagious for the first day but always will lead people to love someone who dose not love them.
Notable Hobs: Gran Deborah

House of the Book
• day, House of the Merchant
This house is sometimes referred to as a library. The rooms can seem different from visit to visit but are uniformly crammed with scrolls, books, pamphlets, posters, and other written items. The house itself is the merchant and can speak to do it's bartering. It likes talking with people and wants friends. Knowledge also suits it's tastes and it knows everything written within it's walls. Stealing and browsing are hampered by the fact that it can move/remove writing from any object reflexively and has plenty of space to move words from books that one might try to sneak out.

House of the Eye
• day, House of the Merchant
I remember Mikey using this one but don't remember what for...
It required an eye shaped item be presented to enter, these being purchasable form other merchants.

Secret Alley
There's an alley(s) that is hidden and can only be accessed from certain establishments that sell access out their 'back door'.

House of Sacrifice
• day and night, House of the Merchant, secret alley
This house is engraved with a scroll with blood being spilt upon it. The ritualistic merchant inside sells all the Goblin Contracts of Sacrifice and can take almost any payment as sacrifice. Deals are signed in blood on his scrolls and blood must be spilt on the right runs in his circle.

House of the Dagger
• night, House of the Merchant, secret alley
The house of the Dagger has a dagger inscribed on the door and the grey clad merchant inside takes death as payment, either oaths to preform hits, lives of those who are brought for the purpose, or sometimes aspects of death from the characters past. He offers assassination, some weapons and poisons, and 'dark contracts'. Dark Contracts in this case is a coverall for Goblin Contracts who's primary porpoise is to kill or maim.

Stall Merchants
• day
This is another category of merchants. These merchants have stalls in the bazar and (for the most part) pack up at night. Most of these merchants are Traveling Merchants here to trade with one another before heading off to distant markets.

• day, Stall Merchant
Not much specified about this merchant but (s)he dose provide custom tokens at high prices. A five dot custom token is work 50%+ of your memories.

Gambling Corner
• day
There is a small gambling area off to the side of the market. There's a machine where tokens, dreams, memories can be input to get "gambling tokens" - small sea-shell shaped objects, number depending on value of input. Putting these back in the machine gets you back the original object, if you have enough tokens. Hobgobs gamble using dice and their own version of cards; also has a carnival-like area where other games can be had.

Traveling Merchants
These merchants are just passing thru and make use of the port town to trade goods and as a trading hub.
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Re: Hobfia Market

Postby Fetch » Tue Nov 09, 2010 11:02 am

So I was thinking maybe we should put the merchant descriptions up on the wiki. It would make market stuff faster as players could simply look up what merchant they wanted to visit but would take out allot of the danger and "directions have a price" aspect of the market.

Maybe do a middle ground where we have some kind of information desk for the market where PC's can pay to get the descriptions PMed to them?

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Re: Hobfia Market

Postby Grreg » Tue Nov 09, 2010 11:34 am

I say keep it simple:
they get one pull to know/remember/persuade/socilize the desired location, if they fail they have to go to the info booth and spend a goblin fruit or some other type of universal coinage for the information.
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Re: Hobfia Market

Postby Fetch » Tue Nov 09, 2010 11:53 am

Typically information has cost more then that. However in principle I take it you support the info booth idea with a Skill check first to see if they can get the info on their own. Makes sense. I would do it as a DTA to gather info with Skill(5 successes on extended, not hard but time consuming) or save the time(DTA) and just pay for directions.

We could role the info booth in with Gene's gambling hobs. You get tokens for input stuff and x tokens (about a significant memory worth) get you a description of the merchants with a list of hot deals (ie stuff Staff thinks is cool to push). That would simplify the purchase process some as PC's can save tokens for later checks of the info.
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Re: Hobfia Market

Postby Tree Frog » Tue Nov 16, 2010 2:28 pm

I say sure to the info booth. I'll add a note to Merch's DTA if no objections.
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