Gentry in Game

Gentry in Game

Postby Fetch » Wed Oct 27, 2010 9:30 am

Names are bold and underlined
Titles are bold
Things that are not words are italics
Names are followed by their

• Changeling
• Changeling

• Changeling

The ever-present promise of the future, ever coming, never here.
Generally takes the form of a Realm, a grand city of the future.

the Crone of Inevitable Destiny
This title was once held by the same Name as Narcissus but was claimed by Tomorrow in feud. This is when she dumped Theo out by the circus as she was both cleaning house and, in accordance with her nature, set up the dominos that would later give her and by extension Tomorrow access to Bellingham(Theo summoning her).
• Theo - apprentice
• Dara "Yggdrasil" Conner - apprentice
• The Noobs

Pied Piper
Black and white comes calling on the world, voice as heroin, a call to all to follow into the future. This is the Pied Piper. Yes, that one.
Favored form is as an Actor but never with much exp. Can't make up his mind on character and so is always redoing the sheet in accordance with what he sees as better for what's coming next.
• Vaugner
• Some of the other newbs.

needs a good name aka The Scarecrow King
This man was once the Autumn King of a freehold and founder of the Scarecrow Ministry. In an effort to elevate his own status to that of Fae he challenged the Shinning Host for it's Title and won. This gave him the power as a Gentry and let him abduct his freehold to Arcadia via the vassalage oath. On the one hand he's greedy for power and always wants more. On the other hand he sees himself as keeping the fear of the Fae alive and thus sparing those who would otherwise loose their caution. Within his realm aspects of his Fae nature are represented by light (Shinning Host) and aspects of his human/changeling side appear as darkness. The darkness will actively try to free changelings from his realm even as the light conspires to hold them there. The darkness will look for ways (like the challenge) to aid changelings against the Fair Folk while the light will twist it to Arcadian ends (the mortals are "protected" by the fact that anyone who takes them is in feud with him).
His darkness is allied with Crows. Yes, all of them. Sort of.
• Twigs

the Shinning Host
Not much specified. Appeared as an invading swarm of Wisps back when it was challenged by the Scarecrow King.
• Lux Malnavi - forced to shine for the light
• Skittles - Arcadian Messenger

Unspecified Name
Titles below here have never had any specification as to the name backing them. Some might even actually be names.

the Arcadian Huntsman
As per the details I remember from the core book description when running him. His main MO is to rome the hedge looking for changelings and keeping an ear out for Call the Wild Hunt. He's big on conquest and keeps grounds in Arcadia where he trains his pack one those he's captured.
• Raine - thought it was a game of tag, may have been simply let go, so innocent and pure even the Huntsman respects her?
• Matthew - didn't like being chased
• Anastasia - only had her for a little while, see next
• Dr Brown - tricked him into letting Anastasia go. Brown was the head of his pack during his durance. Definitely some good potential rivalry here if the rotation of power breaks down enough for him to attack Bellingham.
• Sebastian - good old target practice

the Dark Man
Either a powerful Title or Name with about 4 Titles. This Fae works thru intermediaries to play Xanatos Roulette. The destruction of the circus, in his mind, was his revenge on it for the abduction of his 'daughter' Carol. Possibly one of his Frailties but he likes to cut deals and make bargains. Great source of a devils deal.
• Carol
• Willow
• had connection to someone else?
One of his (other) Titles is responsible for Jet

the Red Queen
Possibly related to Louise Carol? Is/was in feud with the White King but recently died and has become lost in the mortal realm (Ruby). She's shielded by the freehold oath but otherwise could be a good target for Fae looking to pick up an extra Title.
• Jayne
• Jack Turner

the White King
Rival of the Red Queen.
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Re: Gentry in Game

Postby Grreg » Wed Oct 27, 2010 10:25 am

as per my back story Grreg had some dealings with the huntsman.
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