The 'Couve, 3 Freeholds

The 'Couve, 3 Freeholds

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In Vancouver, the US one, there are three freeholds. The freehold of the Endless Tome is centered around Clarks College and a member of the Seattle Alliance. They are at a state of cold war with the allied freeholds of the Auspicious Compass and the River of Minuets and Seconds, a pair of expansionist freeholds with more dictatorial leanings then Seattle. The River is a rotational freehold passing power from one season to the next while the Compass is a directional freehold keeping power within cardinal districts.

The Seattle Alliance - They have a non aggression pact with the River/Compass alliance. You don't piss in our pool and we don't piss in yours.
the Knighthood of Utmost Silence - This entitlement is a kind of changeling witness protection and has taken a stand against the Compass/River helping get those they can out.

Endless Tome
• Seasonal Rotation
They don't get along with their neighbors at all but since joining Seattle they've been under the NAP above. There's allot of members who feel that Seattle was the wrong choice and that Seattle spies may have been involved in sparking hostilities in order to drive the Tome into the fold.
The hold is fairly academic with most of it's members being related to Clark's Collage in some manger or other.

River and Compass
Both these freeholds are fairly ruthless and under the sway of the Charmed Circle(same entitlement Ashley is). Both give allot of power to monarchs and not allot of protection to members. Drafting mortals into their organization is not uncommon. To the north their protected by the NAP with Seattle so they focus their forces on the south where they are working to subjugate freeholds to their will.

Auspicious Compass
• Directional Freehold
The split the city(well, as much as they control) up into directional districts each of which is ruled by the monarch of that direction. Each direction has an enforcer who binds a Mindfinder* pishloug into the freehold oaths which last a year and a day. Anyone who tried to jump ship finds themselves hunted down and dragged back or killed. The norther enforcer is a disco ogre who came to Bellingham to kill Cassandra, a runaway.
* Mindfinder is modified by a custom merit(standing for an expansion of the standard deal) allowing the pishloug to last as long as the broken pledge.

River of Minuets and Seconds
• Seasonal Freehold
Not much specified other then their close relations with the Compass.
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