Iron Ring Hollow

Iron Ring Hollow

Postby Fetch » Fri Dec 17, 2010 10:02 am

Jayne not only manages to plant the glamour and healing fruit she has but gets an unexpected hybrid of the two.

Fruit type: Sacrifice: Description

Healing Fruit: Blood (2L): The outside of these fruits is spiny and tough. Pealing this off with a knife or biting thru reveals an inside that looks and tastes like blood yogurt. Heals 1L/B

Glamour Fruit: Dreams: These holly like berries are bitter and push one into a dream like state increasing Clarity penalties by one for a scene. Each fruit also provides 1 glamour. Multiple fruits increase the duration of the Clarity penalty.

Hybrid: Blood from the eye(1L, -1 perception while healing): Quarter sized red fruits shaped like holly but filled with a bitter red yogurt these fruits inflict a cumulative -1 fatigue penalty and require an immediate test to stay awake. If the character slips into a mortals dream while under the effects of these fruits and spends a night there they may heal one Lethal/Bashing per Glamour they would have harvested. These harvest attempts gain a +1 bonus per fruit up to +5.

Tiger Mallow
Gift of Strength
per book, blooms once a day without much cultivation needed
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