Goblin Fruits

Goblin Fruits

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These bright golden flowers poke up thru the grown where the winter snow has given way. Their heady smell act as an aphrodisiac (-1 to Obstinacy against seduction) restoring one point of Glamour with a feel like primal spring lust.
Wits + Survival

Perfect Pitches (6)
These tall cup-like flowers have a sense of healing about them. Their white petals collect snowfall and hold it after it melts. This pure water, poured upon injuries of drunk from the flower, heals a point of Bashing and has a narcotic effect. The drug side-effect is a cumulative poison with 1 point of potency per dose inflicting -1 per to most tests due to lack of concentration and an equal reduction of penalties due to pain.
Dexterity(4) + Survival(4) = 8

Storm clouds overhead drop snowflakes the size of shurikens with razor sharp edges who's blades aim for wrists, thighs, and other places people cut themselves. Cutting gives a point of suicidal flavored glamour but deals one Lethal damage. Too much heat = useless melted water.
Snowflake Blades (9, 4), Dexterity + Wits to gather safely

"Near campus" (so far as such things have meaning in the hedge) there grow some kind of spiky glass grass. Stalks grow amongst them that look withered and buried in the snow, bulbs retreating for the winter. Bare patches spell out classic riddles with stalks forming answers. Digging the wrong stalks causes the whole patch to shatter into shards while the right stalk reveals a garlic like bulb of glamour fruit. It's hard to chew and tastes like glass.
Riddlebulbs (6), Intelligence + Academics or Wits + Investigation to answer the riddles

These holly like berries are bitter and push one into a dream like state increasing Clarity penalties by one for a scene. Each fruit also provides 1 glamour. Multiple fruits increase the duration of the Clarity penalty.
Holly Dreams (8, 3), Dexterity + Survival to gather

Taters, dig them from the ground. To the untrained eye these appear to be simple rocks. However they are linked to fine tendrils like razor-wire thru the dirt, roots that draw glamour like any other thorns of the hedge. They are far to hard for anyone lacking durability reduction to eat raw but they look like you could boil, mash, and cook them into a stew.
Taters (8), Strength + Crafts to dig them out
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