Brought to you by Friends of Swill

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Brought to you by Friends of Swill

Postby Alabastor Swill » Fri Sep 09, 2011 5:03 pm

Swill appears on the televisor box, during the periodical cavalcades of informational advertisements that are run throughout your program broadcasts.

Fade in: Swill is standing beside his fire, pipe in hand with a hound dog looking up at him faithfully from a rug rendered out of the hide of some animal that you probably haven't been allowed to hunt for a couple decades. He is reading a book that is simply called "Bald Eagles."

Swill: "Good, very good." (Looks up at camera) "Oh! I didn't see you there. You know, friends, when I'm sitting here with my dog and an assortment of pastry-fied apples, I can't help but think about how great most of these states are. Now, I know there's been a lot of talk about Michelle Bachmann lately, and a lot of you think that herein lies our next government president. However, there's something that's not so pretty to talk about..."

(Cut to a picture of Bachmann, which slowly fades to an ugly black-and-white negative of itself as foreboding music plays)

Swill: "As can be clearly seen in this photograph, Michelle Bachmann is in fact a woman. And, as we all know, that's bad. Just ask this gentleman here, who is not a scientist and has never finished school."

(Cut to a man in overalls)

Overall Man: "Yeah."

Swill: "Is this man smarter than you? Vote Swill for government president."

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Re: Brought to you by Friends of Swill

Postby Sticky Fish » Thu Sep 29, 2011 7:14 am

((Ah Swill... politics will never survive!))
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