The fall and creation of Cassius Hugues

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The fall and creation of Cassius Hugues

Postby Cassius Hugues » Tue Apr 12, 2011 8:26 pm

DD Harriman was a happy man, he had a wife and two kids, a good job working in a field that he loved, and his dream feeding his inner fires. Maybe that is why they picked him, one never quite knows; but pick him they did and they challenged him to a game. "Show us what is so special about humans, show us your fire and we will reward you." It was intriguing beyond words, foreign entities had chosen him to contact out of all the humans in the world and they wanted him to teach them about humans ! He could not refuse, after all this was for the posterity of all mankind!
He was a fool. Oh yes they wanted to know about humans, about the fire inside them, but they would much rather extract it and enjoy it at their leisure. They set him challenges, build this, explain that, on and on; at first it was easy and DD dove right in and hardly noticed that they were stealing all the knowledge he shared. By the time he noticed the damage had been done, his fire was gone and the cruel Fey taunted him by gifting him with further understanding so he could truly see and understand what it was he had lost.
Stripped of all that made him human and grasping at what straws he could the Fey tossed aside their broken toy and laughed at him, "Go home." they said, "for you have lost more than you think."
In terror and panic he ran. Not knowing what was out there or how to get home he ran, and after a time he found his way out, into his true nightmare.
He did not find them at first, he went to the address, for he could still recall numbers, and stared at the inhabitants, not feeling anything, not knowing, until he saw his own face reflected in the mirror and recognized himself in the man at the dinner table, laughing with his family. The true distance of his fall hit him like a tone of bricks and he slumped down the wall of the house and sat behind a bush. Empty.
The next morning he confronted the impostor, "You ! You stole my life! I want it back, I want my family back do you hear me!" his words fell on a cold impassive face, but what hurt most were the words that the fake responded with, "I? I did nothing of the kind, you abandoned your family in your pride. You thought so much of yourself that you lost everything all the while thinking only of yourself; you are not fit to be human. What kind of father would you make now? What kind of husband? You only hate me because I did what you could not; cherish what I had and find joy with people, my heart is with them, yours was out with the stars, you cared more for your numbers than for the people right next to you who loved you and what did that get you? You are pathetic ! Leave now or I will show them just how pathetic you really are!"
What could he say? His intellect told him that the man was right, he could not deny that. So he left and wandered the streets, not dead but not quite alive either. But the ache would not leave him and so he returned, to watch the life he had thrown away; the man did not bother him and he did not bother the family, he just watched. And after a time, he approached the man again.
The man was calm again and welcomed him inside as the family was not home and would not be for some time, this was in some ways worse than being rebuked, but he focused on the ache and forced himself through the door and into the house without comment. The man sat in the living room and he sat across from him and looked at all the signs of what the man had done in his absence, the walls and surfaces had mementos of exciting places and pictures with bright smiling faces. And then, he apologized.
He apologized for his pride, for his blindness, for his outbursts, for his weakness; and then he begged for a chance, no matter how small, to prove that he was worthy to be human again... The man was silent, then told him to clean himself up and come back in a week. That night the man was quiet all through dinner and spent the evening looking and touching all the things tied to memories, and laid awake all night thinking silently.
The next week he returned, he had cleaned himself up and now wore a very modest suit, he had gotten a job tutoring and was being paid under the table as 'he did not trust the banking system' but really because he had no bank, no ID. Again the man let him in silently and made him wait in the living room, the happy smiles burning into his soul. Then the man spoke, "I can only imagine your pain, I tried but could not; and even if I did you still would not be fit as you are now." he acquiesced the point but insisted that he could if given the chance, the man sighed, "Very well, I will give you the chance you ask for, I will help you some, but your work will be cut out for you. You must prove to me that you can connect to people, to care, to love, to be selfless; and you must make my dream, your lost dream, real; without sacrificing any humanity in the accomplishment. Then and only then will I be satisfied. If you ever try to oust me or contact your family as anything but a stranger I will return you to the Fey where you can wither in eternal despair... Well? What do you say?"
After a moment of thought where old wounds and doubts scarred his face he looked into the mans eyes and accepted the task, and thanked him profusely for the opportunity. And so was born Cassius Hugues, the empty man.
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