Training, month 1

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Training, month 1

Postby Prometheus » Sun May 01, 2011 9:15 am


"No, say it like you mean it!" The growl comes from Mikael, ever the critic.

"The." Whats the point of this?

"If you don't know what you're saying how can you ever expect the audience to?!?"


Alexander steps forward. "Lets move on a bit. Grey-ey'd morn. What do you think of?"

"It's the dawn, right?"

"Yes but what do you think of? What other images come to mind?"

"I guess dim light, like the desert in monochrome in the cold morning."

"What else?"

"... Maybe the eyes of someone you're with as they wake up."

"Ok, better. Now ground yourself" Alexander widens his stance and squares his shoulders in demonstration, "and start with grey. Think of everything it means."


Mikael shakes his head and growls. "This is a wast of effort."

Standing taller, in defiance "Grey!" Matt grey acros the plane.

"Better, enemy of best." The compliment comes from Alexander. "Again."

"Grey." Matt grey, lack of color, cool and empty.

"Good. Now ey'd."

"Ey'd." Eyes?

"You're still not sure, the audience still can't hear you."

"Ey'd." Eyes, fiery piercing gaze of Sara, vision and sight.


Coming more easily now, "Morn." Sun breaking the horizon, smell of coffee, sleep still crusted in the eye.

"And all together."

A deep breath, a pause. "The grey-ey'd morn." The chill of the sands, faint light on the horizon, the world in monochrome half light, Karen's eyes gazing back into his own, freedom in the early wind, the opening of possibility.

"Good. You've still got a ways to go. I want you to do the whole speech like this before tomorrow. Right now it's time to cool down."
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