Wrath will set you free. (Cornelius)

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Wrath will set you free. (Cornelius)

Postby Tobias » Sun Jan 15, 2012 2:27 pm

He will get what he deserves, revenge is a bitch and so am I. Those words echoed through his mind as he packed his suitcase. All these changes were quite sudden but the summer courtier has found purpose all the bullshit just had to be wiped from his eyes. The repressed anger, the lack of wrath, I see it everywhere. That fire motley, that Enkindle represses so much that he is imprisoning him self. The suitcase was finally packed and the construct of obsidian got into his car and began his journey for knowledge. "Wrath will set you free..." The words were simple, almost second nature, he could remember his initiation. The broken reflection laying on the ground, a tire iron in the obsidian constructs hands. But things still remained complicated. The orange scenery of Arizona surrounded him, he loved this state. Sure he cared little for their politics but the constant warmth the state provided, the red and orange hues that they presented always served a reminder of where he stood.

"Things will change, they will all see, the freehold, those fire men, and the summer king. And I? I am the catalyst."

The look of bitterness still was visible on his face, he could feel his wrath growing. It began after the interview, where he sent events in motion but that was just the beginning. The city is burning, but not with fire. Monopolies crumble, friendship's sunder, yet wrath never falters. Ever since humanity has existed wrath was always apparent, from the creation to the atom bomb and Oakland riots wrath has always been here to protect us and guide humanity. But when repressed wrath is dangerous, if you repress it some one will get hurt, people will die, and you will lose your self in it. No, you need to embrace it, recognize when you are angry and use it to empower you. We are not mere berserkers but sages of an ancient philosophy.

"They will soon see, summer court protects, but we are not doing our true duty. As winter fades and spring begins, the climate becomes warmer, and when it is time to do the gauntlet. When the kings and serfs meet in combat they will all see who wields true power and it will not be the one with the biggest sword. But the sage who directs the wrath, the one that will bring power to the free hold. Winter is passing and soon summer will be and that will be when the paradigm will shift."

The obsidian construct murmured as he continued his drive to Tucsan Arizona to learn sacred arts of his court, and begin to control his destiny. They will all see the power of summer, I will show them all...
"My concern are not secrets, my concern is keeping them."
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