Therapy Part 1

The residents of Bisbee have a story to tell

Therapy Part 1

Postby Sera Fina » Tue Jan 17, 2012 2:36 pm

"So.." Sera was lying down, eyes to the ceiling wondering exactly why she had come here. The last time she was in sort of 'rehab' she arrived drunk and cheerful.

"I like fire. I like setting fires, being on fire, being near fire, in fire. I drink, smoke and sometimes curse." She rambled on counting the dots on the ceiling. "I also really hate slavers and people who like water. Does that make me crazy?"

"You don't mind if I light something on fire right? A smoke? A branch? That bonsai tree you got over there?"

It was a beautiful start. Nothing was on fire, yet, no matter how much Sera insisted.
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