Rage Rage And Wrath... (Cornelius)

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Rage Rage And Wrath... (Cornelius)

Postby Tobias » Wed Feb 08, 2012 8:04 pm

It was the evening, the obsidian man stumbled out of his stationary struggling to keep balance. "Last time I do training with the fucking Day Court." He murmured everything fucking hurt and he knew that the pain will get worse after he makes his tribute to Summer. His glowing blue eyes of the children of disgust, he could smell the vomit, marijuana, and something that he would rather not think about. An Ogre stood at the door of the local bar where the revel took place, Cornelius gave him the slimiest smirk he could. "Quite the party you guys are throwing... Is it alright if an outsider can join along?" He asked, the Ogre only raised his eye brow and began to laugh. "Only if you suck my cock." Cornelius was taken aback but he knew the night courtier was serious. "Fuck that." The Obsidian man said, he could see the shadows within the bar, the things the would play with his minds eye. But he took the better part of valor and made his way to the side of the building. He would need to make use of elbow grease to get what he wanted.

Clumsily he climbed onto the dumpster hearing laughing, moaning, and screaming from one of the windows. He almost did not want to go in, but he knew that these debauched fools would be an easy mark. "Fuck..." The ladder was out of reach, but there was a window nearby. Gulping lightly he would do what he needed to get in... "This is going to suck..." He groaned and picked up a broken toaster tossing the hunk of useless junk through the window. Clumsily he walked on the garbage and dived through the window. There was a tear and a sharp feeling of pain in his leg. Grunting he forced himself on his feet only to look forward. Whips, chains, handcuffs, and too many fucking people.

"Hey looks like we have a new guy!"

The man in a gimp outfit shouted Cornelius smiled awkwardly and put his hands forward.

"Hey don't get to excited I have come for another reason."

He noticed the night courtiers moving around him, one was holding a leather strap, and the other to his side a loose straight jacket. He knew they would not kill him, but he could not say the same for his dignity. Cornelius had to think quickly or he would be the evenings entertainment. The obsidian man was in their territory and was under their mercy, his free hold was strong but not strong enough to command respect from these brigands. Turning to the man in the gimp suit he let out a laugh.

"What kind of fucked up slut are you?"


The man responded in a gleeful manner, but this time a woman stepped up, wearing a catsuit made from hedge-spun material.

"But not sluttier than me!"

Another chirped out.

"Or me!"

Cornelius smiled he had fuel that he could utilize.

"Now Ladies and gentleman, obviously the man in the gimp suit is the sluttiest. Let's not kid our selves."

But before he they could finish they started arguing.


"I think I am a good judge of slutty-ness I mean I am an outside observer."

Cornelius said but they would have none of that, the arguing continued until Cornelius sunk into the shadows. Grinning widely he shoved the woman into the man in the gimp suit they both looked at him and desperately he looked toward a huge looking rock elemental nearby.

"Wasn't me, that sly fucking bedrock did it! He thinks he is the sluttiest!"

Grinding his teeth he was hoping that would work, and it did. He could feel their rage and disgust fill the area and the brawl began. Scanning the chaos he saw several none changelings, probably local fetishists caught in the fighting, oddly enough some seemed justified to get involved. Taking several bumps and a kick here or there the summer courtier crawled towards a safe corner, tapping into the mortals wrath and watching. Disgust and wrath had a few things in common but unlike most of his court within a brawl he did not want to be involved.
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