Hail to the Swill!

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Hail to the Swill!

Postby Alabastor Swill » Sun May 01, 2011 6:25 pm

Swill organizes a media circus wherein a chopper deposits his chair in front of a bouquet of microphones and a pair of giant projections of his own face. A lit-up sign switches from "Revere at your Own Pace" to "Revere Silently" and he begins to address the gathering.

"INDUSTRY'S WHEEL TREADS BLOOD UP THE ROAD TO VICTORY! I, Alabastor T. Swill, hereby announce my candidacy for the office of President of these United Colonial States. It is with a swift hand and a razor judgement that I pledge to not only to put money back in the hands of those who were born to it, but also to demonstrate ONCE AND FOR ALL that Hawaii is not actually a state.

"Now return to your homes before I have something done about you all."
Swillco: Home of the deadliest placebo ever conceived.
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