Valentines Masquerade Bash !!!

In the lap of the Mule Mountains sits this testament to the endurance of the human spirit. Old Bisbee sits to the north of Lake Lavender and is largely inaccessible to cars.

Valentines Masquerade Bash !!!

Postby Byron Black » Sun Feb 12, 2012 11:07 am

Old Bisbee's central park and the street around it have been covered with all the trappings of a great party and all are invited.
Upon entering the street people will be encouraged to step into a booth and receive a fun mask and cape (the purpose of which is to encourage people to wear their hearts on their sleeves and be very out going while hiding behind anonymity) and will be briefed on the rules of the fair : Keep it all in good fun and refrain from using real names, if you find someone you have a lot of fun with at the fair feel free to exchange phone numbers and look up later, but keep on the masks and capes so that people can be free to enjoy themselves and not think about status, rank, wealth, ect...
There are many food, beverage, flower, art, ect... businesses to attending the bash and have set up booths. All the booths have very reasonable prices and a policy of half off if bought for another. This is to encourage people to open up and be generous and to make things cheaper than they would normally be so people can enjoy more in the bad economy. The booth tenders wear masks and capes or dressed up as they like and add to the joyous atmosphere.
In the park there will be a maze constructed of pastel colored cloth bent around posts making the walls of the maze. In the maze there will be nooks with pillows for people to sit down and relax, in the evening lights will come on in the maze silhouetting those inside on the cloth there by making a live show. (think Robbin hood men in tights scene when Robbin sings to Marian)
The Dead Actors Guild will be doing flash mob scenes of romantic plays throughout the event.
There will be compliments booths where people get complimented and little slips of paper with jokes, witty lines, or fortunes will be handed out from all booths just to add to the mood.
There are many merry goers whose job it is to hit on as many people as possible making everyone feel admired and desired. (and not cause trouble)
Please feel free to post if you are attending and how you are enjoying yourself; remember that this is a great venue to glamor harvest!
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