Feathered Cleanup

The feathered psychiatrist lives here, and besides hosting his infamous Zodiac dinners, seems to be a popular place to knock on the door at all hours of the night and day.

Feathered Cleanup

Postby Adam Icarus » Sun Apr 07, 2013 9:06 am

With a reluctant groan,the avian helpmeet blinks open his eyes to the darkness as a distant alarm rings behind the closed bedroom door nearby. Picking himself off the floor he stretches high against the sleeping kinks, glancing over at his overnight guest at the sofa. Considerately, with quiet steps he steps into the short hallway and enters the bedroom. Reaching out to unplug the alarm clock in favor of getting closer to turn it off, he steps cautiously to avoid any glass that may remain unseen in the room from the broken window of the previous evening, a sad final note for an evening of ups and downs.

His hand is arrested, pulled plug in hand, as the first rays of dawn appear through the window to strike the coverless bed. His attention is drawn to the stellar fire on the horizon, mesmerizing him for a time, until finally he drops the cord and returns to the living room, his customary smile tugging at his lips.

Letting his guest sleep, if she is, he picks up his own sleeping pillow before checking out the remains of the contents of the fridge, seeing what can be done for two for breakfast. In passing, he plugs in the cell phone he has, his home not having a landline he can afford, and pulls down the yellow pages onto the counter for later.

At which point he slaps his forehead,
"Oh right, Sparky." And tries to see what he can put aside for a breakfast for a possible third.

((Open to anyone with business with Adam or his guest, not just those listed.))
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