Healing Crippling Injuries

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Healing Crippling Injuries

Postby Fox Folger » Fri Mar 04, 2011 1:08 pm

How do we handle magical healing? The rules for it as written require a linear health levels system to work (since that's what they're written to heal)-- how would you handle instant I-do-my-hoodoo-and-the-arm-mends sort of stuff?
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Re: Healing Crippling Injuries

Postby Fetch » Sat Mar 05, 2011 12:53 pm

I've moved this off into it's own topic to prevent the conversation getting too muddled.

For the benefit of people I didn't discuss this with in person yesterday, my first thought is that you can heal injuries but that medical treatment might be needed first to make it heal right. Sure, you can fuse the broken ends of bone with your spring magic but if the bone isn't strait that's going to need to be re-broken and set to make the arm good as new again. Some healing magics might get around this, such as vampires who spend blood to restore their body to the state it was in when they died or a variation on the Life 5 Regeneration spell.

Since then the other thought that occurred to me was that some magic might heal the health/shock damage and other (higher) magic might heal injuries themselves. For example Spring might be good at calming and restoring balance to the body. It doesn't mend the broken bone but it dose get you back into fighting shape and ready to go on (ie heal your health boxes). Stone 4 on the other hand might be more true healing. Feasting and resting allow the ogre to mend bone and knit flesh faster than any mortal could healing a broken bone in an hour instead of the usual month and a half.

When we first came up with crippling attacks we didn't worry about exactly how supernatural healing would interface with them instead looking to see what we felt like if it came up in game. It is a important decision however now that we're looking to make them something more common than the result of the occasional called shot.
The basic question in approach is should healing be one common thing working in a similar manor on all injuries (cure light wound heals burns and broken bones all the same) or should healing be made more specialized to reflect the diversified nature of injuries (Spring can take care of shock like nobodies business and ogres mend their bones and flesh but if you want to cure your illness you'll need to seek out rare goblin fruits)?
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