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Re: Social Rules Idea

PostPosted: Mon Apr 04, 2011 3:06 pm
by Fetch
In order to do anything Socially you still need to keep your target around long enough to talk to them. This either means they stay of their own will, say because they don't want to commit the socially awkward action of storming off, or be kept by force, ie physical combat is still helpful.

As for the PK apps, Kris and Jared and now myself require them because killing a character makes them unplayable. End of story, full stop. Chopping their legs off, talking them into killing their spouse, or other bad stuff still leaves the character playable with directions and choices even if they may not be the one's the player originally intended for the concept.

The major thing rpg's do better then any other media is allow for unforeseen twists. Nobody in game, no, note even Staff, can really determine the corse of game. All the time things happen whether it's an opportune critical failure/success or the actions of multiple PC's colliding that could not be planned for and with unpredictable fallout. Death may be an unexpected outcome but it's one that ends the characters story where other unexpected changes give them room to change and grow.

Re: Social Rules Idea

PostPosted: Mon Apr 11, 2011 6:23 am
by Fetch
Last game one social test came up in stuff I ran and I think it demonstrated the value of this system well.

The Situation
Dara Conner wants to prove he's not dead so as to access his funds. His lawyer called his ex-wife to testify as to his identity. Problem, family often doesn't appreciate you running in and attempting to kill your fetch in front of them. This leads to some confusion over your identity. Hence she's unwilling to testify that this "doppelgänger" is her dead husband. The rp was getting circular to it seemed time for a social challenge.

The old way
In the past this would have been resolved with a Persuasion vs Resolve + Composure test. In this case, being PC vs NPC I'd have likely gone with her doing as he asks if he's successful. In PC vs PC his successes would have unspecified effect ranging from some players who will run with the test to others who will openly ignore it.

With Sway
We decided that getting her to testify would be a level 3 Sway. The level 2 compromise would be that she would testify if lab results supported his identity visa vi blood and fingerprint matching and level 1 is that she at least won't call the cops on this man she thinks killed her husband.

His Persuasion pool suffered her Stubbornness (social dodge) as a penalty. He told her things about their wedding day that only the two of them could know to get +5 from her love of her husband and explained that even if he wasn't the original it would be better for their children to be raised with a father than without for another +5. She in turn called her hatred of him as the man that killed her husband for a -5.

A little willpower and he managed 2 successes, enough that she will testify for him if the lab results prove his identity, a level of persuasion that is consistent for both PC and NPC.

Technically he should have needed another test to get Successes to boost the duration but I felt rolling more for it's own sake would slow things down unnecessarily. At a net of +5 from Passions it's not like failure is likely.

Anyway, I think even just this one example shows how Sway can work to make much more interesting and realistic social interaction as it produces results that are more varied than simply succeeding or failing and makes the test construction a summery of the characters arguments.

Re: Social Rules Idea

PostPosted: Wed Oct 12, 2011 5:15 pm
by Byron Black
It looks like the discussion over this new rule is done and I would appreciate a single post that shows the agreed rule in its entirety so I dont have to look over the 5 pages of posts to find what has held and what has been thrown out.
I know this is a bit selfish but I do think it will make it easier for people to understand and adapt to the new rule.

Re: Social Rules Idea

PostPosted: Wed Oct 12, 2011 6:14 pm
by Fetch
To be fair it's only really 4 pages and only one bit got added...

Code: Select all
Sway | Time Required
1    | 1 Round *
2    | 1 Minuet
3    | 7 Minuets
4    | 15 Minuets
5    | 30 Minuets
+1   | +30 Minuets
Changing Passions and Ideals are treated as as a Sway level equal to the subject's Composure or Resolve respectively for the purpose of determining test time.

When working quickly a character suffers a -1 for every step down on the time chart.

* Working this quickly characters likely don't have time for more than a a quick sentence or two, not enough time to invoke many Passions or Ideals as bonus. If your subject fears you this will help your intimidation but if they fear something not present you won't really have time to verbally invoke that fear. On the up side without a held action it's often impossible to Just Walk Away from or otherwise interrupt a command given this quickly.