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Social Merits

Postby Fetch » Mon Apr 25, 2011 5:11 pm

Some random ideas for new and modified Merits. Others are welcome to jump in if the new social system inspires them as well.

Mantle / Goodwill
Goodwill has always been a bit of a lackluster Merit while Mantle is the overpowered Merit because you can only have it once. Anyway, I was thinking each dot could act as one point of penalty to anyone trying to weaken or change Passions supporting the Court. It would, naturally, provide no protection against intensifying those Passions.

Unshakable Innocence / Ideals (• - •••••)
Prerequisites: Maybe Resolve or Composure 3?
These two Merits work identically save that one works for Ideals and the other for Mortality Sins. In social conflict they increase the characters effective Morality rating on a one for one basis for the purpose of calculating the level of bonus/penalty provided by the character's Ideals or Sins including what is considered an Unacceptable Order. A character with Unshakable Ideals (•••) and Mortality 8 would treat their Morality 8 Ideal as having a strength of 4 (as if their Morality was 11) and would treat their Morality 6 Ideal as an Unbreakable Ideal.
Drawback: Investing heavily in one's sense of justice or in the innate innocence one is born with makes breaking those Ideals or committing Sins that much more traumatic. When Committing a Morality Sin (Unshakable Innocence) or breaking an Ideal (Unshakable Ideals) the character suffers a -1 to their degeneration test.
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