Enflaming a Passion

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Enflaming a Passion

Postby Fetch » Thu Jul 07, 2011 3:09 pm

In part I have been turning over in my mind Anaises comments about the person you're most likely to kill being your spouse. I've also given thought to being generally consumed with a given emotional state. Passions right now are good for the twisted web of feelings for different people, situations, and so on but not for over all emotional states. You can swap your Passion for your spouse from love to hate but that's not going to be common outside long term changes of heart. So, this might fill a void and draw some criticism.

Enflaming a Passion
Sometimes you just become consumed with a single feeling, with an overwhelming emotional state. A character can find either a given Passion Enflamed or find a general emotional state Enflamed. A player may choose to have their character get and Enflamed Passion or it may be forcibly Enflamed by another party getting more then Composure successes on a test to encourage a Passion or emotional state.

When an individual Passion is Enflamed an emotion is chosen. If this is different than the emotion of the Passion the Passion is modified to match this emotion for the duration it is Enflamed. Any action that dose not support this emotion is considered to directly oppose the Passion. Further any action that would support or fulfill the Passion that would normally be considered an Unacceptable Order innately or due to Ideals is not considered such.
For example a character might become enraged at their spouse and be capable of horrible acts against them in the heat of anger.

In the case that a character becomes Enflamed with a simple emotional state any action that dose not support that emotional state is treated as being directly against one of their highest ranked Passions or Irrationalities with that emotion.

Irrationalities can be Enflamed as well altho this is often seen by others as a psychotic break. Irrationalities cannot be Enflamed with an emotion different than the one of the Irrationality. Any action that dose not support this Irrationality is considered to directly oppose it. Further any action that would support or fulfill the Irrationality may not be considered an Unacceptable Order for any reason.
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Re: Enflaming a Passion

Postby The Doctor » Thu Jul 07, 2011 4:00 pm

I don't like this idea. Not with the 'ignore Unacceptable orders' clause. I'm not cool with people social-attacking someone into killing themselves so easily.
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Re: Enflaming a Passion

Postby Case » Thu Jul 07, 2011 7:02 pm

Meh. Keep the system elegant, I say, this doesn't seem needed.
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Re: Enflaming a Passion

Postby Capt. Hobbes » Thu Jul 07, 2011 7:11 pm

There are elements of this that I think have merit, though I think there is a threshold wherein a derangement or irrationality is prerequisite for certain actions to be possible. If somebody can be talked into killing themselves or somebody they love, this is somebody who has a pre-existing problem.

I have an immature idea germinating wherein you might consolidate everything under a single label that you might call "Priorities". I'll post more if I can come up with something solid.
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