Vampiric Changes

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Vampiric Changes

Postby Fetch » Tue Jan 31, 2012 11:44 am

There are a few changes to vampires I want to make to tone down some of their weaknesses as well as one to standardize with the rules we have for emotional effects.

Daytime Action
The book gives us an optional rule wherein Vampires can make an extended Humanity test needing 5 successes to stay awake all day. This gives high humanity vampires the ability to actually function during the day, provided they have a haven to keep out the light.

Actions taken during the day should not be capped by Humanity but suffer a penalty equal to the Blood Potency of the vampire. The stronger the Beast the harder it is to function when it's trying to sleep and/or run from the sun. This penalty is reduced by half Humanity, round down, so long as there is no sunlight or fire visible at all, and is ignored completely while in frenzy. The Beast is very concerned with survival and should damn well be able to run from the sun without impediment.

Actions during the day and social tests with non-vampires are no longer capped by Humanity. Instead low humanity comes with penalties to social action and, as implied by the fluff but not the RAW, high humanity gives bonuses to resisting the Beast.

Vampires reduce the penalty to daytime action by half their Humanity, round down, so long as there is no sunlight or fire visible to agitate the Beast. Small fires, such as a lighter, may only offset the Humanity bonus partially but large fires and any sunlight at all completely negate the vampire's ability to hold back the Beasts uneasy desire to sleep thru the dangerous day.

Humanity 0 to 4
Low Humanity vampires find it difficult to keep things like breath in mind. They do not have all of the normal autonomic functions (breathing, blinking) humans expect and generally look more and more corpselike as their Humanity falls. For every dot of Humanity below 5 the vampire suffers a cumulative -1 to most social interactions with mortals and some other supernaturals as their bodies appear more obviously dead and the predatory Beast shows thru. At Humanity 0 the vampire will have even lost the ability to retract their fangs.

Humanity 5 to 7
Your average neonate still has a reasonably strong connection to their human side. These vampires are pale, sickly even, but can pass for living with little difficulty. Astute observers may notice their flesh is cool to touch and their breath is never visible on the cold air but casual onlookers would not pick them out of a crowd as a walking corpse.

Humanity 8 to 10
The paragons of vampiric virtue, those who have mastered their fight against the Beast, appear not just alive but healthy. These vampires even retain the color of their skin and give off clouds of condensation when they breath on cold nights. In addition at this level of Humanity the vampire gets +1 per dot above 7 to all tests to resist Frenzy.

Blush of Health
Any vampire may voluntarily appear more corpselike or reveal their predatory nature. Sometimes it's handy to look dead altho dangerous or distracting stimuli may make the vampire require a test not to respond.

Vampires that need to appear more Human then their natural state may spend one Vitae to boost their effective Humanity by +3 for the purpose of appearing alive and reducing their Humanity penalty when interacting with non-vampires. This bonus lasts one scene.

The Vinculum
When another drinks the Vitae of a vampire they risk falling in thrall to the regent of that blood. Vampires refer to this as the Vinculum, the blood oath, or, more crudely, the blood bond. When a vampires blood is ingested by another they make a test to determine how strong a bond this new thrall gains for them.

Test Pool: Presence + Blood Potency - subjects Power Stat
Action: Reflexive, must be made even if the regent is unaware of the blood being tasted
Dramatic Failure: The potential victim not only avoids becoming a thrall but finds their emotions twisted against the would-be regent.
Failure: The power of the blood is not enough to enthrall the drinker.
Success: If the new thrall has no other blood bond or if the old blood bond is of a lower rating than the successes drawn then any other blood bond is removed and they gain an Irrationality of "Blood bound devotion to <regent>" with a rating equal to the successes rolled. If the drinker already has a Vinculum stronger than the successes rolled the test is treated as a failure. In the case of a tie with existing Blood Bonds then both may exist altho this tends to cause problems for the thrall and all regents involved.
Exceptional Success: Not only can the blood bond exceed the normal limit of 5 for Irrationalities anyone else attempting to bond the thrall suffers a -2 penalty on top of the normal difficulties so long as this bond remains.
-2 Subject is a sire, grandsire, ect
-2 Subject only tastes the blood
-1 Subject drinks less then half a Vitae
-1 (or more) if processions are taken to reduce the risk of Vinculum, such as in most blood based rituals
0 The blood is masked in some way, such as diluted in wine/food
+1 per full point of Vitae drunk undiluted
+2 Subject is a childer, grandchilder,ect
+/- X for any applicable Passions and Irrationalities, including past blood bonds (positive to the vampire trying to rebond, negative to other vampires)

Note: this would let vampires bond other supernaturals, important as the blood bond is on of their biggest advantages, and makes one drink more dangerous. As per VtR RAW three drinks probably makes the subject your thrall(as each attempt gets a bonus from any successful past attempt) but is not a guarantee as they may already belong to another or may have the potency and luck to hold off the bond.
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Re: Vampiric Changes

Postby Delphinan » Tue Jan 31, 2012 1:25 pm

Suggested... wrote:Humanity 10
Beyond all ideals of vampiric virtue, these vampires sparkle in the daylight and go to high school like regular humans, regardless of the vampire's actual age or knowledge level.

:shock: :lol:
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Re: Vampiric Changes

Postby Fetch » Tue Jan 31, 2012 1:29 pm

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