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Theo DTA 10/18/12

PostPosted: Thu Oct 18, 2012 8:35 pm
by Fetch
Delphinan wrote:Sorry, been sick (to put it mildly...doc tomorrow)

D) Visionary Dreams: What is the future of Z and Beth's relationship?

1) Fateful Friend: Standard

2) Stalk the stalker: Track down the movable gargoyle...what does he do in town, what is he working on, etc. Theo needs to provide some ocular help and must needs understand his target as said target says he needs no help. :D Darn Fraility!

3) Ocular Help: Multiple Items combined ... Panomancy (Can King Dr. Brown resist his title until death if he keeps it? {mainly looking for if the 'preventative' stuff he is doing is working or is so fragile that any slip means DOOOOM}) Strands(If King Dr. Brown stops fighting his fairly won title and instead embraces it more, can he succeed in imposing his own will and personality on the title's aspects? {Can Doc become his own Huntsman rather than of old? Can either be the master?) ) Visionary Dreams: How does this Jack data tie into King Dr. Brown's problems?

4) (Would like to do more Visionary Dreams but...) Standard DTA of Glamour Gathering (cap at 2 success/draw) to sate the ravenous Wyrd 6...