Request for Player Assistance

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Request for Player Assistance

Postby KrisT » Fri Dec 12, 2008 4:02 pm

Hi All. Just a quick note that I finally got the chance to go through and review and update forum permissions.

Please visit the following link, then click the tab labelled "usergroups" and request addition to any forums you think I overlooked for your characters. Or let me know if I've got you in any of the wrong usergroups too, of course.

Remember that AC means "Alternate Character." It's a read-only permission set. So if I were in my "May" account, but wanted to be able to read my private Max threads from it (even though it's a different game), I would request access to the "Concillium Mage AC" group. But if I were in my "Max" account, I would request access to the "Concillium Mage" group. This is so you can read all the forums from any of your accounts (if you want to), but posting permissions don't get hopelessly tangled between characters.....

Let me know if that's as hopelessly unclear as I feel like it is.

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