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Literary Topic of the Week/Month

Postby Tree Frog » Tue Feb 16, 2010 2:32 pm

Glorious Leader would like to encourage more people to write up literaries for their character! Remember, writing a literary gives you juicy juicy xp (at 1 possible per game). Submitting a backstory of your character also gives you juicy xp! (with staff assigning how much xp to give for it, 1-5+ depending)*

On that note, a literary topic for you fine folks who haven't written up one yet or aren't sure what to write! (keeping in mind, literaries can be pmed to staff if their contents are private)

    Good Relationships: What promising relationships has your character found in game? Has he/she found any allies who might prove useful to their goals, or a grudging alliance to someone you need for some reason or another? Do you have respect towards another character for things they have done, or the way they've handled themselves? Tell!

*There isn't much difference between literary and backstory really except backstory tends to be a big chunk of your character's lifestory occurring before game and tending to be a longer read, whereas a literary tends to be a shorter chunk of any given moment of a character's life occuring pre-game or after.
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