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Exp Categories

Postby Tree Frog » Thu Jan 21, 2010 8:54 am

We've added/changed a few things in how exp is handled.

Using ideas from Geist and changing Sportmanship xp somewhat, each category (RP, Leadership, etc) is worth -1 to 3 points:
-1 = detriment to game session (poor behavior, ignoring rules, cheating, weapons, etc)
0 = not significant
1 = noticeable and ideally helped set the course of the game session. Standard level.
2 = impacts the entire season(setting up a summer courtier as winter king)
3 = changes the course of the game as a whole(getting the entire game moved to Bellingham)

Most people will earn 0-1 per category per session.

XP Categories
Standard: (most people get these)
Attendance (showing up to game)
Costume (costuming as your character)
Roleplay (roleplaying)

Other On-Site XP:
Growth (character displays some significant level of growth in behavior, actions, circumstance, etc)
Leadership (getting people involved in something)
Sidekick (actively helping someone with their plot, an opposite to leadership, but involves some effort, not just tagging along)
Quest (achieving an important step in moving towards some long-term goal)
NPC/Staff assist (playing an NPC or helping staff...somehow)

Off-site XP:
Forum (posting on the forums in-character)
Journaling (sending in(or posing in literariness) at least a short story/essay giving insight into your character)
Out of game activity (getting together with other PCs to run a scene and sending in a log to staff)

Also, people with 40 xp below the highest xp character get accelerated xp to help them catch up.

On another note, there is also clarity xp which is an entirely different matter and is xp pooled specifically for clarity and can only be used for clarity buy-up. You must tell us if your character is trying to get saner.
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