Bellingham Gateways

Bellingham Gateways

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Bellingham International Airport - Struts under the baggage Claim.

The one in the forest is the dream-dust tainted one. It opens off the picnic area.

Docks - Sewage pipe opens onto the bottom of the hedge sea.

The other forest one -- that they opened on their trip to Scotland, they went through then smashed behind them.

North Bellingham - Suburban house front door, house rented by Noah.

South Bellingham - One is in a poor neighborhood that spills over outside the city limits south of town. It's within arms reach of the city limits sign between two young trees.

South Bellingham - One is on the roof access of an apartment building in the poor section of town, going in.

South Bellingham - One is on the entry to another apartment building next to the one above.

Dr Brown's forge - door 1 leads to a clump of bushes outside the hollow.

Dr Brown's forge - door 2 leads to Scotland Hollow.

Arg - A gate opens from a painting in a currently abandoned hollow/house on the edge of the hob town to the old mirror in a 10 year old girls room on the second story of their house. - The mirror is now in Dr Brown's Forge.

Jayne's former Clinic - The front entrance of Dr Winters clinic is now a gate used by May's keeper. This door was removed and put in Jayne's hallway. They were going to destroy it but hasn't happened yet.

Matthew's Boat - Jayne's old office door, leading out, links to the brig of Hobbs's ship. This door was removed and put in Jayne's hallway. They were going to destroy it but hasn't happened yet. Now in Dr Brown's Forge. Covered by a very large amount of metal.

Jayne's New Clinic - Opened by Black Alcove (Tobie's NPC)

Jayne - Jayne's bag opens up into her Hallow.

A/B's house - A/B has a mirror in his home constructed out of two separate halves of different mirrors, that leads to his Hallow.

Jet's Van - A full sized mirror leads into a small hollow that was one part of the Hobfia fleet. (Destroyed?)

Warehouse Gateway--one of the doors has been turned into a gate

Warehouse Gateway 2 - one in the roof of the same warehouse.

Outside of town:

Gateway in the national park.

Q has a gateway outside of town that's a tree broken in half that forms an angle for the gateway leading to his Hallow.

Robin opened a gate between two trees in the forest a mile or two outside of town. It's a large gateway, tall enough for Alan Oak to walk thru.


Leinad's old car, back seat.

Random police car.

Random rental van.

*Gates that are struck out are destroyed.
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