Laws of the Iron Ring

Laws of the Iron Ring

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the Iron Ring - The Freehold of the Iron Ring, sovereign state of Bellingham, the surrounding areas, and the hedge reflections there or.
Members of the Iron Ring - Oath-sworn members of the Iron Ring.
Officers of the Iron Ring - Members of the Iron Ring that hold rank and title along with the additional responsibilities and privileges thereof.
Subjects of the Iron Ring - All fae creatures and ensorcelled mortals within the domain of the Iron Ring are subject to it's laws and referred to as subjects.

Structure of the Iron Ring
The Iron Ring is formed by the rotation of power between the four seasonal courts. Each court maintains it's own structure with members swearing fealty to the monarch of their court. In addition a fifth court, the courtless court, holds the oaths of all members of the Iron Ring not belonging to any of the seasons.

Responsibilities of the Courts
Each court is responsible for duties and services within the preview of their season.

The Court of Summer is responsible for the military defense of the freehold and the policing of Members and Subjects of the Iron Ring in accordance with the laws.

The Court of Autumn is responsible for the keeping of lore, particularly of occult and fae nature, for the management of the hedge, dreams, and other supernatural domains, as well as relations with other supernatural entities beyond fae ken.

The Court of Winter is responsible for the keeping of secrets, information gathering, guarding and managing the safe-houses and hidden resources, and for the secret police.

The Court of Spring is responsible for the mortals affairs, aid for lost newly returned to this world, social gathering, and ambassadorial contact with other freeholds.

The Courtless Court is responsible for providing the labor needed by the other courts in the execution of their duty and for general maintenance of properties and resources.

Oaths and Succession of Power
Within each seasonal court deliberation upon the coming monarch will begin at the hight of power of the season prior, the equinox or solstice. Only those bearing the goodwill of all seasons are valid candidates for the crown of their court. If no valid candidates exist in a given court those nearest meeting the requirements become valid candidates. Selection of the monarch takes a form befitting of the court and agreed to by all valid candidates interested in the title.

At the midpoint between equinox and solstice or as soon thereafter as possible the transfer of power from former season to new season and from the previous years monarch to the new monarch occur, so soon as the coming season has chosen their monarch to accept the crown and leadership of the Iron Ring. If this decision dose not happen within a week of the passage of the appropriate time the Wyrd chooses the monarch of the season and freehold as it sees fit. With the transfer of power the new monarch takes the oaths of fealty of their court for a pried of a year and a season with all swearing upon the emblems that bind them with the monarch placing their very life upon their service.

The courtless court chooses their leader by vote of all members of the courtless court on the eve of the new year and upon the counting of the votes on the new day swear fealty for a year and a day.

If a monarch is killed or otherwise rendered incapable of doing their duty deliberation or vote as per the court begins to find a new monarch for the court. If no monarch has been selected within a week the Wyrd will choose who shall bear the crown.

Will of the Iron Ring
Where the will, decision, desecration, or choice of the Iron Ring is referenced the authority is granted to the raining monarch, the monarch of the season who's domain covers the area in question, and finally members of the Iron Ring who have been delegated such power in order.

The will of the Iron Ring may amend, remove, or add laws and rulings as the times demand.

Judicial System
Any subject of the Iron Ring accused of violating the laws or rulings of the Iron Ring may either accept the punishment dictated by their court or police or they may challenge the accusation and punishment. In the case of a challenge the case is brought before the monarch of the courtless who presides as judge. If the judgement of the courtless monarch is challenged a tribunal of all monarchs may accept the case and cast a final judgement upon it. When a subject challenges their accusation or punishment they may be oath-bound by the officer to insure they show themselves in court and cease their offending behavior until judgement has been past.

Further members of the Iron Ring may challenge cases where they are not the accused and may challenge laws and rules of the Iron Ring. These challenges are brought before the same justice as those made on personal cases.

In all cases the process of justice must at least begin within a half moon of the monarch(s) being made aware of the case.

Checks on Power
A group of members of the Iron Ring will be chosen to act as internal affairs. One member of each court is assigned by their monarch to serve in this capacity. No monarch may serve as internal affairs and its members do not answer to their monarch in their duties in internal affairs. Members of internal affairs investigate threats of corruption in the courts and Iron Ring and may not be replaced while they pursue an active case. Should corruption be uncovered it they may issue punishment or bring the case before the judicial system.

Personal Laws of the Iron Ring
The laws regarding individuals within the Iron Ring and subject to it's law are broken into blessings, endeavors, forbiddances, and sanctions. As in pledge-craft these are considered to be of lesser, medial, or greater rank. Two lesser ranks equal to a medial and two medial equal to a greater. The laws may be applied to any fae creature or ensorcelled mortal within the territory of the Iron Ring or to individuals for actions taken outside the territory that negatively impact the Iron Ring. Laws violated unknowingly or accidentally are considered one level less severe. All crimes are still considered crimes even if committed indirectly.

Blessings are those privileges granted members of the Iron Ring while endeavors and forbiddances are expected of members and subjects alike. Sanctions may be leveled upon members and subjects in response to broken laws by the police, by the subjects court, or by the judicial system. The severity of the sanctions inflicted should not exceed the severity of the offense.

Blessings of the Iron Ring
• Members are granted access to the hollow of the Iron Ring - lesser
• Members are granted access to mortal and magical resources made generally available - lesser
• Members are granted specialized training provided by the courts - lesser
• Officers are granted the authority to speak the will of the Iron Ring - medial
• Officers are provided privileged access to the hollow and other resources as needed for their position - medial
• Members are protection from the True Fae and other greater threats - greater

Endeavors of the Iron Ring
ª All members of the freehold must maintain the hollow and other properties based upon their rank - lesser (mechanically everyone must commit 1 hollow dot per dot of rank in the freehold)
• All members must complete at least a greater endeavor for the Iron Ring each season - lesser
• All members must submit themselves to biannual mental and physical screening including rigorous tests against Fae incursion upon those most suspect - lesser
• All members must attend each seasons lessons provided by the court in power consisting of a weekend of training in the courts methods as needed by all freehold members - lesser
• All members must report greater crimes against the Iron Ring within three days or three days of regaining contact with the Iron Ring - lesser
• Officers must complete there duties ever where this may require greater effort than a greater endeavor each season - medial
• In times of need all freehold members and subjects can and will be conscripted according to their abilities - medial for subjects, greater for members

Forbiddance of the Iron Ring
• Providing aid to or serving the True Fae or their direct servants - greater
• Murdering a member of the Iron Ring - greater
• Betrayal of the Iron Ring in a time of need - greater
• Selling or taking sentient beings into slavery - greater
• Betrayal of the Iron Ring in a time of peace - medial
• Stealing from the Iron Ring - medial
• Drawing attention to the Iron Ring from the Fae or from non-fae organizations - medial or greater depending on severity
• Revealing fae nature to mortals without permission - lesser, medial, or greater depending on severity
• Assault or battery on a member of the Iron Ring - lesser or medial depending on severity
• Malicious use of magics upon a members of the Iron Ring - lesser or medial depending on severity
• Creating hedge gates without permission - lesser

Sanctions of the Iron Ring
• Revocation of blessings - lesser, medial, or greater depending on the blessing
• A greater endeavor or equivalent preformed as community service - lesser
• A single beating - lesser
• Taxation including contribution to the hollow or other assets of the Iron Ring - lesser
• Demotion - lesser
• Stripped of all rank - medial
• Multiple beatings - medial
• Temporary mutilation - medial
• Temporary banishment - medial
• Permanent mutilation - greater
• Forced servatude - greater
• Imprisonment - greater
• Permanent banishment - greater
• Death - greater
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