Contracts of Ring

Contracts of Ring

Postby Jared Thaler » Sun Mar 15, 2009 9:34 pm

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Re: Contracts of Ring

Postby Fetch » Mon Mar 30, 2009 9:42 am

Contracts of the Gilded Ring
Sworn with the essence of performance and of the Ring these fairest contracts grant their boon to all who practice stagecraft.

By default all the Contracts of the Gilded Ring effect everyone in an audience or crowd(usually defined by line of sight or other perception). However by spending a Willpower on the activation cost of any clause it can be made to selectively target only those the courtier chooses. A song hummed with Words as Wonders Never Seen may be made to only display the intended visuals to those they are attempting to distract while Stage Fighting can be used to undo/reveal a lie only to allies at the end of the scene.

Viewing the Minds Eye (•)
To read the audience and see as they see is one of the subtlest and most important skills of the performer.
Cost: 1g
Test Pool: Wits + Wyrd
Catch: The changeling is performing a cold read on a stranger.
Dramatic Failure: The changeling receives information that is misleading.
Failure: The clause fails to activate.
Success: Ring allows the performer to peer into the minds eye of their audience perceiving what that group is focusing on or visualizing in their minds eye. This dose not reveal the subjects thoughts or memories unless those can be brought to the forefront of the subjects conscious mind.
Exceptional Success: The changeling may see into the crowds's imagination for the remainder of the scene.

Words as Wonders Never Seen (••)
A powerful performer can give vivid descriptions that create worlds in the minds eye with words, music, and visual arts alike. Thru the power of Ring these visions can be strengthened and given a breathtaking potency.
Cost: 2g
Test Pool: Expression + Wyrd
Catch: The user has gotten an exceptional success on some performance within the last day.
Dramatic Failure: The audience sees illusions but they are inappropriate to and distracting from the performance.
Failure: The changeling fails to create illusions.
Success: The audience experiences exactly what the changeling intends with their performance, down to the smallest detail. This illusion is in the targets minds eye and cannot be mistaken for what is actually present nor do they interfere directly with a persons perceptions. An illusionary wall dose not hide things behind it nor dose it in any way prevent the audience from passing thru the place the wall is seen to be.
Exceptional Success: The illusions are so vivid and intense that the audience suffers a -2 to perception checks due to distraction.

Center of Attention (•••)
Fairest of Ring learn to draw all attention to themselves. They learn to draw others to themselves as moths to the flame. When calling upon this clause their natural magnetism is enhanced by Ring's subtle manipulations of the environment. Sunbeams naturally find themselves shining upon the courtier and nowhere do the plants seem so vibrant and green as those touching the changeling.
Cost: 3g
Test Pool: Presence + Wyrd vs Composure + Wyrd(rolled separately for each observer or highest present for a crowd of extras)
Catch: The changeling is giving a solo performance or attempting to steal the limelight from one who has not signed on with Ring.
Dramatic Failure: The fairest of Ring draws attention to themselves in some negative way. All aggressive tests made toward the courtier gain a +1 for the remainder of the scene.
Failure: The changeling fails to draw all attention to themselves.
Success: The character is illuminated by Ring and becomes nearly impossible to ignore. Others find their attention drawn to the courtier who radiates the awe and splendor of the stage. All tests made by others with/against someone other than the changeling suffer a penalty equal to the users Wyrd.
Exceptional Success: Same as above but tests made against the courtier may gain a +1 due to the supernatural focus and attention brought to the act. This bonus is applied at the fairest's choice on a test by test basis.
Suggested Modifiers
+1/+2 Striking Looks

Stage Fighting (••••)
Masters of stagecraft can make any action seem to take place on stage and yet leave no trace of their action on closer inspection. Deadly fights are simply choreographed shows of dexterity and shattering glass is safe substitute being replaced as if never touched each night.
Cost: 2g
Test Pool: Larceny + Wyrd
Action: Instant or Reflexive
Dramatic Failure: Once during the scene a test the character wants to succeed/stay is now effected by this contract.
Failure: The character fails to invoke the power of ring.
Success: This claus can be invoked as an Instant action effecting the next test made by the user or Reflexively effecting a test by the user made at the same time. The effected roll made by the changeling is made as normal at the time and produces the expected results. A blade draws blood and a silver tung tells an undetectable lie. However, at the end of the scene the results of the roll are undone as if it had never occurred. Damage, even fatal damage including that from bleeding out as a result of the damage, is removed with all signs that it ever was. The mark taken in by the lie suddenly realized the obviousness of the deception. At story teller/player discretion and as fitting the dramatic tension of the scene some secondary results may remain. For example a character who was stabbed may bear no wound or scar but have blood on their shirt along with a rip where the blade passed thru the cloth.
If used Reflexively the test to activate this contract is made after the test the changeling wants Stage Fighting to effect. If the claus fails to activate they are stuck with the result.
Exceptional Success: In addition to the next test the fairest may apply the benefits of this clause upon a second test within the scene.

Catharsis (•••••)
Masters of the ring can infuse any performance they are a part of with incredible energy drawing audience and cast/crew alike into the visceral world of the show as if it were more real than all that is off the stage.
Cost: 3g + 1wp
Test Pool: Expression + Wyrd
Action: Extended, 1 success per cast and crew member, one roll per minuet of going over the performance with the cast and crew/psyching the cast/crew up.
Catch: The performance is being held for an audience of at least 300.
Drawback: If the show is left unfinished or if any act of the show suffers a Dramatic Failure every participant in the performance(cast and crew) looses 1 point of Willpower as their emotional reserves are drained by the build up of anticipation and tension without proper release.
Dramatic Failure: Every performer suffers the effects of the drawback whether the show is successful or not.
Failure: The fairest fails to invoke the power of ring.
Success: Successfully invoking Catharsis has two effects on a performance. First, the courtier of Ring may use other Contracts of Ring on the performance as a whole, or in the case of Stage Fighting, any roll within the show save the Expression tests for each act. In this way the effects of Center of Attention may draw attention to all performers on stage, not just the courtier who invokes it. Second, the show is aligned with a Virtue and Vice based on it's nature. Every member of the audience, cast, and crew may count as fulfilling this Virtue or Vice. If a show is aligned with Greed and Hope anyone who's Vice is Greed may recover one Willpower for fulfilling their Vice and anyone with the Hope Virtue may fully recover their Willpower for fulfilling their Virtue.
Exceptional Success: As success save that the changeling may chose a second Virtue and Vice.
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Re: Contracts of Ring

Postby Fetch » Mon Jun 21, 2010 12:58 pm

As this contract dose technically exist now I was going to add it to the book. Anyone have any comments or concerns? All the test pools will be changed to x + Wyrd and I'm thinking Fairest favored as the Court of Ring is now a dead dream. I'll need to clean up the descriptions to that effect as well.
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