4 directions

4 directions

Postby Jared Thaler » Mon Jun 22, 2009 8:30 pm

Finding the Flow:
Meditation (to meet the catch) must be submitted in DTA or take place in game.

100 steps:
Success: Gain the benefits of "Wards" equal to Wyrd. This stacks with existing wards. Additionally for every 5 success added to the target successes, all contract activations by persons other than the user are -1, up to a maximum penalty of the casters' Wyrd.
Exceptional success: Get Wards equal to Wyrd + 2. In addition, for every 5 successes in excess of those needed, -1 is added to the penalty to activate contracts, up to a total penalty of Wyrd + 2.

Harmony of Portals.
Success: You must be able to open the door you are stepping into (though not necesarily the door you are stepping out of.
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