Pledge Abuse

Pledge Abuse

Postby Fetch » Mon Jul 13, 2009 9:02 pm

I would like to establish a few things, assuming the rest of staff is agreeable.

1) You can stack pledges. There's nothing stopping you from swearing to do something you already do or from swearing to the same task(or sanction) multiple times.

2) This kind of abuse of fate will get noticed in time. In part we can let this take care of itself. Look at Hope. Hope has always treated pledges as free Merit candy. She has broken more pledges and been screwed by her pledges more than anyone else in game.

2b) If by some chance a player is lucky enough to pull off the perfect pledge abuse we can step in. Not in any heavy handed way mind, at least not at first. I'd propose that the first act of pledge abuse is free. It goes unpunished. The second serious abuse should find fate drawing close and presenting opportunities to break the vow. If Jack pledges twice to guard Hope with his life then perhaps on their next hedgeventure they will have a strong chance of being separated(requiring some check at -4 or -5 to stay together). Things make the double pledge a bit harder(but not impossible) than they might otherwise be. Third time's the charm. Third time gets Fate's full attention. It's here that we bring in things like the Nemesis or other aspects of Fate.

Any objections/other ideas?
Also high Occult characters should be given a warning before abusing pledges. Well, Jon should be given a warning. Jeff knows this already ;p
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