Dream Bastion

Dream Bastion

Postby Fetch » Mon Oct 19, 2009 9:22 am

The merit in S@D is a confusing mess. I propose the following.

Bastion(• - •••••)
You dream are fortified against assault. Each dot inflicts a -1 penalty to intruders attempting to harm you or your dreams.

Dream Gate(••)
Whether due to close personal connection or motley pledge there is a gate that routinely manifests in your dreams. This gate may lead to the dreams of a loved one, friend, or some shared dreamscape in the skein. Lovers may enter one another dreams each night so as not to be parted and motleys may maintain a shared dreamscape that all members return to when sleeping. In the case of shared dreamscapes in the skein multiple characters may purchase dots of Bastion to fortify the location as per shared merits.

Other Dream Amenities(? - ?????)
I'd also leave the door open to other things characters might find in dreams. A shared dreamscape might feature some location similar to those described in S@D, for example.
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