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Invisible Armor (•••)
This armor is normally invisible altho it appears to mortals to be very clean glass when handled. When activated however it reveals itself to be rough steel armor, solid breast and back plates strapped together by stiff leather straps. The wearer(and their other clothes/personal effects) on the other hand becomes invisible. This reversal of visibility lasts until the end of the scene or until the armor is removed.
Activation: Instant
Mien: The armor is invisible but appears as highly transparent to the Mask when studied. When activated it changes to it's metal state. The user however will appear truly invisible to the Mask, even under close observation.
Catch: The armor glistens with a sheen of ice. In this case the invisible user will also glisten with a frosty sheen as if some ephemeral wisp of ice and air.
Drawback: The armor is still visible when in use limiting it's usefulness for stealth.
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