Angeluses Mask

Angeluses Mask

Postby Fetch » Sat Jan 16, 2010 12:18 pm

So my rough draft idea which will likely not make it thru comity...
He starts with the 0 dot version and moves up from there as he spends exp/practices with his new form.

0 - Angelus(and Ariel) get a false form, called their changeling form, that is a static version of themselves from before they drank the wine. This means no Gentrified Bearing, not extra Wyrd, no Iron Allergies. In addition any new purchases apply only to their true form(fae form) with the exemption of those things that involve external objects/entities. So a new dot of Strength will apply only to the fae form but Contacts will still return calls, equipment dose not magically disappear, and Contracts(being deals with external entities) will still be usable(altho at a likely reduced dice pool). Oaths sworn on Wyrd are limited by the true Wyrd and not the changeling form level as they also deal with external entities.
Any time Angelus gets an exceptional success on a Contract, binds a Pledge with a + or - 3, or burns his Wyrd(4) in one turn he must succeed a Resolve + Composure check or Reflexively transform into his true form for the scene. This transformation occurs before any tests such as one augmented by +4 Brawl from his Ogre blessing. When turning back any Glamour or Willpower in excess of what he can hold as a changeling is stored away and cannot be accessed again until he returns to his true form while damage roles over as per standard rules.

• - With practice and skill he can reflexively suppress unwanted auto-transformations without making a Resolve + Composure test. Yes, I admit this is mostly a placeholder level.

•• - Further investment will let Angelus transform at will by spending a Glamour as an instant action. This lets him transform for one scene.

••• - Now Angelus can stay in either form indefinitely and need not spend a Glamour to transform. It still requires an Instant Action to transform at will or to meet the conditions for auto-transformation.

•••• - Separate Health. Now Angelus has entirely separate health pools for the two forms. The catch is that each form only heals when "out" and if he dies in one he is dead.

••••• - At this point Angelus gains such mastery of his forms that he need no longer be bound by his changeling mask. When his changeling form is unconscious or dead he may(if otherwise awake, so not when sleeping) he remains dimly aware of what is happening around the body and may Reflexively reveal his true form. However each form still only heals when out so a dead changeling form is simply a decaying corps he can mask himself with. It will not heal(being dead) and cannot move on it's own. And just so we're clear, when his changeling form is knocked out it cannot move either. He would have to reveal his fae form for that.
For the dimly aware bit, he can tell if people are going to dismember him but not who's around, for example. Basically it's to let him play dead without risk of loosing his head, not a real spying technique. If any Perception tests come up unconscious gives a -5 and dead levees another -1 and another -1 for each 24 hours the form has rotted.
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