Fatebound: Superman

Fatebound: Superman

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Relevant mostly to Jon right now but you never know, someone else might want to go this rout...

Fatebound: Superman (•• or •••)
Prerequisites: At lest 1 Frailty, Clarity 7
The man of steel is a modern hero acting as a shining beacon of morality and outperforming all mortal men with his super-feats. Like the son of Krypton the changelings who embody this hero can complete a wide rage of amazing feats. Each scene the fatebound may reflexively spend a point of Glamour before an instant test to draw twice for the given action and use the better of the results. They may call upon this heroic ability more times in the scene but each additional use incurs a cumulative surcharge of one Glamour, so the second use costs two Glamour, the third three, and so on. This bonus often manifests as some minor supernatural effect, similar to the changes in the Mien that grant the free Specialty in Athletics, Brawl, or Stealth at character creation. A changeling putting out a fire might display super-arctic-breath while another convincing an old enemy to join them against a new threat might use their super-hypnosis.
At ••• the character may use this ability a number of times equal to their Wyrd before incurring the cumulative surcharge.
Drawback: The man of steel found his weaknesses exposed regularly until kryptonite's effect on him was common knowledge even publicized in the daily news. In a similar manner each scene in which the Fateboub: Superman draws upon their power at least one person, often an enemy, will gain the means and knowledge to exploit on of their frailties.

On the frailties, If we do green kryptonite(emerald) as a standard ban then it cuts past Jake's fay defenses and inflicts a Bashing a round upon contact. Probably the easiest method of implementation.

Red(ruby) could work as a taboo and require him to act like a jerk in it's presence or, as a modification to the basic rules, instead it's presence give Jake 2-again on Composure tests. He's more likely to critically fail composure tests and flip/make out.
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