Contracts of Death

Contracts of Death

Postby Tree Frog » Sat Oct 30, 2010 1:31 pm

Just putting up my rough thoughts here since I have to submit it at some point anyway. Will edit over time.

Contracts of Death

Sense the Unliving (•)
Success:The user is able to sense and locate dead beings, such as ghosts, vampires, certain twilight creatures, and other creatures affiliated with "no longer living but not quite an unmoving corpse", for up to x (yards?) per success. This clause does not tell you what the supernatural is.

Divining Thoughts (••)
Success: The user gains some information about the dead being, such as in case of a ghost, what physical anchors bind them to the world, or what issues cause it to stay, the manner of its death, or the age of the being.

Success: For <tbd> time, the user can temporarily change a ghost's anchor to one of the user's choosing.


Success: The changeling leaves their body behind and becomes as a ghost for a scene.

This one I have to work out more, but in the interest of not making it totally useless as a 5-dot, I'd argue the changeling is not bound to their body/anchor. Lucas be reasonable >__< I cannot see how being able to move only 5 feet from your body/anchor, not being able to affect anything, and having your body look dead is at all helpful, because I could just make "you look dead for a scene" one of the lower level contracts. Also Separation 5 and Smoke 5 is far more useful if you add in all those limitations. Smoke 5 - you're invisible, cameras don't see you, you get to interact with the world, whisper things in people's ears, but you do have to remain out of the way/careful not attract attention, depending on circumstance. Separation 5 - Intangible, you have the possibility of being attacked in twilight (very rare) and have the ability to pop out on command if needed. This level 5 should be on par - you already cannot affect anything, so you have the same limitation of Separation 5 with the added drawback of leaving your body behind, so it's not like it would be useful as a means of escaping from anywhere. I understand you want new contract clauses to be different and special from the other methods but as it stands, it seems to me to be made fairly useless by what we discussed, and it would at least be personally nearly useless for me. So...hopefully we can wrangle out something reasonable I can actually use.
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