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Here lies the once great tent in which we played as gods upon the stage until the finality of time ended our show.

Circus Logo


Tasks Required for Smooth Circus Operations

Setting up the Circus in a New Town: circus_setup

Breaking Down the Circus for Travel: circus_travel_prep

Chores on the Road: roadchores

Chores while in Town: townchores

Circus Acts


The Circus is currently being run by: Road Master - Jack O'Malley
Road Master - Jack O'Malley
Ring Master - Lux Malnavi
Deputies - Raine Madison - The Delphinan - Dr Brown - Anya Sheuchenka - Aaron

Dramatis Personae

Workers in the Cirque are divided into "Roadies" and "Performers." There is some cross over, but most people consider themselves one or the other. Among the changelings, this divide is even more important, as the transition between the road and the ring takes the place of the regular court system, for the purposes of holding the True Fae at bay.

Alliance of Road

Road Master - Jack O'Malley

Alliance of Ring

Ring Master - Lux Malnavi


Notable Events

Prior to May 23, 2008

Dante Arranges for the Changelings of the Cirque to perform for a Goblin Market. Rumors of the successful performance spread through the hobgoblin social network,and Dante is taught the Goblin Contract Healing Sacrifice. Rumors have even leaked to the mortals in the Cirque that Dante now has "the healing touch," though how much they believe is real and how much is sham varies by person.

It is well known that Matthew Eston's politicking is what got Jet Moore elected to his post as Road Master on the trip to Providence Rhode Island. This proved wise as Jethro skillfully brought the Cirque to Providence with very little incident.

May 23, 2008

(First Game) Last Night, Cirque de Perdue arrived on the outskirts of Providence, Rhode Island. (pop. ~175,000) This morning, a Master of Ring was elected for the duration of the Cirque's stay in Providence. However, due to the late arrival and several minor mishaps, only 5 people showed up to the election, and even they were tired. Everyone who *was* there remembers that a Ring Master *was* elected, and informed of his election, but no one remembers who it was.

Rhode Island, Summer 2008

The story of the Meatloaf Man by Sebastian Pierce.

Gackle, Autumn 2008

The story of the Goblin Market by Sebastian Pierce.

Locations of Interest

Places in the Circus

These may move a round a bit each time we set up but they maintain the same general character in each town.

The Hollow

Mirror Maze

_____'s Tent

May's Trailer

Raine's Tent

Sam's RV


Places we have been

Providence, RI

Alliance, NE

Map of Travels (historical)

Useful numbers

Current Active PC Circus Members: 21

Ring: ?
Road: ?

Current Total Ingame Status

Road: 16 dots
Ring: 12 dots


Carnival Slang, American, British, And Vaudvillian. Thanks to Jeff

The traditional Pledge of the Ring used by the Alliance of the Ring


Current rumors for Cirque de Perdue

  • Posted on the side of the Pie-Wagon (catering truck)*
    == Wanted ==

Any and all of these items, For Baby

 Reward offered!

Atom bomb (22 mega-tons), Poison gas *this item found thank you!*, Heart attacks, Pain on tap, Nobel prize (Given for the perfect crime), An alibi, Eight more lives, A satellite, Second sight, A foolproof master plan, Purple hair, Secret lair (with an army there), Crystal ball, Fleet at sea, Submarine called Emergency, Motorcade, Monorail, A coast to coast campaign trail, A playing deck of cards in an armored car, Kung-fu star (as a bodyguard), Juju charm, Magic spell, Genie (all three wishes working well), Tv show, Shopping mall, A miracle (that one doesn't want at all), A monument (at a great expense), Head of state, A president, A Destiny, Supremacy, Everything from A - Z, The whole wide world singing baby's song,

  Inquires contact Z. Thanks!

Geeze! Every one is so uptight lately, look guys, it's show biz, you all gotta take a chill and the show will turn out fine. I mean people are snapping all over the place. Between Sam's Daughter running of and getting herself mugged, and Theo tearing his hair out over not having enough acts, people really got to just take a deep breath. Oh well, at least Theo realises that he is being irrational. I guess thats a start. --Tom Tailor 6/20/08

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