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This is the main page for the davisgames LARP Wiki. Please note that the information contained in here is fictional. It is about fictional people in a fictional game world.

The larp forums can be found here: Staff can be PMed at "CdP Staff" or emailed at

A complete list of active games in Davis may be found at


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In Character The information in the Setting category represents what would reasonably be known to characters in those chronicles. Unless stated otherwise information is considered common knowledge with a reasonable filter for character perspective. If your character is mortal they likely don't know the supernatural related items and if your character was never in the old circus then information from back then is likely unknown to them.

Out of Character The Rules section represents things the players should know, even if their characters generally do not, while the Quote pages are for fun and reminiscing about the funny, profound, or just plain awesome things people say.

the World of Darkness

These games are set within a semi consistent World of Darkness featuring some of it's own celebrities, important events, and other features. They also use some notable house rules that can be considered standard between games unless otherwise specified in that games Rules page.

Current Games

Previous Games

Gates of Gold

A Mage: The Awakening chronicle set in San Francisco.

Cirque de Perdue

The Cirque Des Perdue was once a traveling circus of Changelings wondering as the wind carried their merry carnival. Misfortune befell the bunch leaving them on the run till the road led to Bellingham where they have rebuilt. Events of this chronicle currently center on Bellingham, Washington, and the freehold of the Iron Ring that resides there.

Garden of Eden

A Changeling: the Lost campaign set in Bisbee, Arizona. Staff for this LARP can be contacted on the forum by PM to GoE Staff.

Other Worlds

While most of out games are set within the "new" World of Darkness there may be a few that are not.

Previous Games

No Spenukeling

The Changeling: the Dreaming chronicle set in the Catskill Mountains. Unlike Cirque de Perdue and Gates of Gold it uses nWoD rules but an adapted oWoD setting.

Arkham Horror

A new setting inspired by the board game with the same name.


Material on this site is provided for use in game. Please do not redistribute it. If you would like to redistribute content you may ask permission via talk pages or the forums.

Mage: the Awakening, Changeling: The Lost, and World of Darkness are all Copyright White Wolf Publishing, Inc.. All materials taken from these and other white wolf publications are © 1990-2007 White Wolf Publishing, a division of CCP North America. All rights reserved, and are used under the terms of fair use.

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