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  • Jayne: "I can't go running off visit Seattle."
Dr Brown: "Yes you can! It's only an hour dive away."
Jayne: "Not in the hedge!"
  • In response to the scene below:
Michael (to Jon, Leo's player): Well, the entire True Fae social construct is built around swearing to kill one another in interesting ways, so I guess you made a friend?
  • Leo has a quick fight with one of the Huntsman's briar wolves and it ends up dead.
Leo: I owe you nothing!
Huntsman: I take what I'm owed.
Leo: Then by all means...
Lucky Luke, cutting in and grabbing Leo: No. No no no no no no no no. No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no!
Time Passes, the Huntsman threatens to take a family member of one of Leo's pack.
Leo: If you touch one of them then no matter how long it takes I will travel to the deepest, darkest parts of the hisil and drag back a spirit more powerful than you to take you down!
Huntsman, with a slow smile: As your rival I accept your pledge.
Dr Brown and Lucky Luke work together to bodily remove Leo from the scene.

  • Grreg: Well, what they don't know can't hurt them.
Delphinan: Yes it can! Oh, yes it can hurt them.
  • Lucky Luke: I was being intentionally antagonistic.
Hope, with a whine: Why?
LL: For entertainment. Have you seen reality television?
Hope: So you're being an asshole?
LL: I'm trying to get in touch with my human side!
  • Jack: You should take a condom, too.
Conscience, the wonder dog: I do not engage in infidelity sex.
Jack: Abstinence is not the best policy, dog!
  • Theo, concerning the tooth fairies: That's all you know about them?
Brown: Ya. What do you know?
Theo: Much more.
Brown: ... such as?
Theo: You're part of the Hobfia now. I can sell you the information.
Brown: Ah... *sigh*
  • Michael: It's taken 1 year for Case to finally get internet access!
  • Jeff: So, it's strange. They went on the quest to recover the child with the mother, a True Fae Killer, a superhero, a viking warrior and the mysterious Jack.
Lucas: Yeah. And Fate.
Jeff: And Fate. And they found the child being held by a bunch of kittens, so they decided to negotiate.
Lucas: Yeah
Jeff: What should they have taken to have felt safe then?
  • Scene: Now Vincent, you awake from your wounds to the sight of the valkyrie.
Lucky Luke (holding Vincent): Howdy!
  • Case (Elaborating on his referring to Doctor Brown as Tyrant): "I've read your laws. He's your king. 1+1 does not equal bagel."
  • *talking about Dr. Brown* Miles: in the land of the crazy, the sane man is king?
  • Ariel: "Where's my pet you beast? Give me your kid back and we might let you live!"
  • Capt. Hobbes: "You are what you eat, so she's the mother."
  • Lucky Luke (glaring at Doctor Winter wanting to give him a vaccination): "I don't get sick!"
  • Hope: "Hold her hand."
Theo: "I don't know about medi.."
Hope: "No, comfort her, Theo! She's your girlfriend!"
  • Skittles: "We could be good friends."
Theo: "Skittles, I am the Delphanian. I know how this ends."
  • Zzz: "..it's just a small oath of fealty..."
  • Fox (Discussing negotiations being made with a group of strange proto-spirits in the hedge): "You asked them for magic."
Zzz: "No I didn't, I asked--"
Fox: "Turning into a gazebo is magic!"
  • NPC: (speaking to Fox, who is dressed in a dark suit and shades) "Who do you work for? Is it CIA?"
Fox: "No."
Fox: "No."
NPC: "Secret Service?"
Fox: "No."
Fox: "... Yes."
Yggdrasil: "Why can't you lie?"
  • Fayne, the moral Courtless Queen: "Don't you have any plans that don't involve killing or kidnapping chil-..."
Theo: "No."
Fayne: "..dren?"
  • Fox: Look, can you call me back in an hour? I'm having dinner.
Z: Sure! *hangs up* Of course, by then you'll be in Canada.
  • Delphinan: Now, as punishment for accosting me, you must leave... with this man. *points to Z*
Z: *Waves!* :D
Fox: ... -.-
  • After winning a challenge such that each monarch may have one question answered truthfully by the True Fae known as the Scarecrow King...
Autumn Queen: Can I ask you a question at a later time?
Scarecrow King: Yes.
Winter Queen: Oh, can I also do that?
Scarecrow King: But of course.
Spring Queen: Can I ask you a question?
Scarecrow King: Ask away.
You are all so lucky I'm not being a dick on this one ;p
  • Fier: Are there bears in these woods?
Leo: Not anymore.
Fier: *fearful silence, slinks behind Renee*
Fier(to a wolf): What do you eat?
Wolf: afhal, hithim, umma, shartha
Fier: Werewolves eat bears and sharks?!?
  • Delphinan: You're a fool!
Z: You're ugly!
  • Jack (after knifing a Sin-Eater and healing all wounds): You may be able to come back from the dead, but I CAN'T DIE!
  • Gang Member: So what kind of gang are you?
Jack: We ain't a gang. We're fairies.
Gang Member: So... you're a gay gang?
  • Jackson Storm: Oh, so you're a Coroner!
Beth Tygart: I'm not a corner!
  • After lots of commotion about whether or not a True Fae died, and how the semantics of Title workings and sourcebook arguments...
Bryce (in a southern drawl): With muh one intellygence and no ockult, ah say that ah done killed that thar True Fae.
  • Noah, Upon getting 8 successes on a a perception check: "I can see Russia from my house!"
  • Jake Kent: "You're from a foreign court!"
Mephisto: "No I'm not. My court is American."
Jake Kent: "No, its based in Asia."
Mephisto: "No, it's based in Chicago! That's where I joined!"
  • Jake Kent: "Hubris! It means that you think you're better than everyone else!"
Mephisto: "I AM better than everyone else!"
  • *Doc Brown throws a True Fae on an anvil and smashes a cold iron standard through its chest.* "Welcome to the Iron Ring."
  • Jack Brewer: What happened to the plan?
Captain Hobbes: It was compromised when it turned out that they were very much competent at what they do.
  • Tankini: I grow tired of dis backwards free'old, where a black man gets stonewalled by the suspicious powers've da very government 'e tries to salvage. Now, let's go to Washington D.C.!
  • Z: *pointing at Sasha the catgirl, who's chewing on the head of a Buddy Christ figurine* SHE'S EVIL! SHE'S THE ANTI-BUDDY-CHRIST!
  • Captain Hobbes: So uh...me and Tankini are going to go get freaky...
  • Doc Brown: It would have been useful to have someone who can tell truth and lies around here. So I went to get the goblin contract.
Z: I have that contract...
Doc Brown (leaping forward): That would have been useful to know!
  • Angelus (calling): Delphinan, it's Caspian. Why is there a chair bolted to the middle of the room with straps on it?
Delphinan: It is something for you to sit in while you think about what you've done. <click>
  • Doc Brown: I know you think you have fifty thousand reasons to distrust me.
Delphinan: No, Doctor Brown, just one.
  • Angelus (To Bruce): Alright we are going to play a game, it's called 'everytime you lie I punch you.'
Robin: Ohh, I like this game!
Z: True!
  • Capt. Hobbes: "So, what level of danger are we lookin' at here?"
Castiel: "It will be extremely dangerous."
Capt. Hobbes: "Hm. Perhaps I should bring a third flintlock."
  • Dante, to Delphinan: *glare of a thousand unspoken growls*
  • Angelus: She trusts you, Delphinan.
Delphinan: No, she doesn't
Angelus: She said she does.
Delphinan: No. Consider if I had presented myself to be the King, would she have gone off to find people to talk sense to me at my first suggestion, or order? Would she have?
Angelus: No, probably not.
Delphinan: Now tell me again how much she trusts me.
  • Dante, to a mortal: "I have tasted more blood than you can possibly fathom."
  • (At Real Life Dickens Faire, the Ghost of Christmas Present stops by the table as lunch is had, sprinkled with LARP discussions)
Ghost of Christmas Present: Attention all! Today is Christmas Eve, a time of joy and thanksgiving!
(The Ghost turns and leaves...)
Jeff (muttering): Theo just found a new special friend....
  • Bryce, on the forums: Dr. Brown squints at May. "Wait...have you been hope yet since last night?"
Kris: Seen hope, or been home, love?
Bryce: >.<!
Kris: ... Though "have you been hope since last night?" is a wonderful question.
  • Delphinan: I am the Delphinan, Aeeee, and being the Delphinan is a lonely thing to be.
AEEE: Shiny!
Delphinan: What?
AEEE: You're shiny!
Delphinan: Oh, yes, the gold fringe [of my robe] is shiny. *sigh*
  • Matthew: We'd better hurry to save them in case there are time constraints!
Drust: If there are time constraints we're probably already too late. Lets take our time, and make a good plan.
  • Delphinan: You're here!
Angelus: Yeah, I escaped.
Delphinan: ...not for long.
  • Jared/Narrator: Ok, everyone! Draw initiative, we're getting into combat! AEEE, you're sure you want to do this?
  • time passes as details are worked*
Jared/Narrator: All set? Ok, AEEE, your go!
AEEE: AEEEEEEEEEEEE! *Flies across room, hugs the bashed body of Doctor Winters*
  • Everyone turns to look at the scene, AEEE stares back*
May Flowers: Still feel like initiatives?
Doc Brown: Nope, I'm good.
  • AEEE: Shiny! You're shiny!
  • Angelus: I just rescued a young girl, killed the hob and now I'm in a tree and they...
Delphinan: Wait, you are with a new charge now? You're not guardian angel for Hope?
Angelus: No. I'm still with her. This other one needed help and I'm up a tree and..
Delphinan: You two-timing bastard.
  • Matthew: "What's this about May, how...?"
  • phone rings*
Delphinan: "Your answers will be revealed momentarily."
Sam (on phone) "Sire, I have May here, she's got a house here in town with Hope and this winged guy is bothering her, etc. etc. etc."
Mathhew: "Hold on." *turns to Theo* "I hate you SOOOOO much..."
  • Matthew & Sam: "We don't have anyone of Summer to be the Summer King, but we have bylaws that let us vote for someone else in that case."
Delphinan: "I wonder how Summer feels about that."
  • (2nd-hand quotage, so it is off) (During the gas-station fight fiasco where Hope is having a melt-down)
ST: "Ok, so it's your turn. What are you doing?"
Morgan: "Uh...I'll help Hope."
ST: "Ok. How are you helping Hope?"
Morgan: "Uh...I'll kick her in the head?"
  • "Does Klaus have Common Sense?"
"No... I have Firearms."
  • (after Delphinan calls Willow's number several times)
Raine: He doesn't know my name! He keeps calling me Willow! All this time and he doesn't know my name!!
  • Delphinan calls Willow's number, picked up by Raine standing next to Willow
Raine: Hello?
Delphinan: Raine? Is that you?
Raine (to Willow): Uh oh. What should I say?
Willow: Tell him to shut up or you'll punch him!
Raine: Shut up and or I'll punch you!
Delphinan: You're not Raine...
  • Klaus, talking to May, having "proven" that he can talk to machines:
"...either I'm not crazy, and I can talk to machines, or I'm very crazy, and hallucinating that I am in a circus in America."
  • Hope & Dante arguing over sexual behavior, Raine looking on.
Hope: "You can't talk! You did 3 people in the bathroom!"
Raine (going over to talk to Z): "Z, you need to be a better role model for Hope, because Dante isn't working..."
  • Hope shrieks and stomps off after a discussion of, 'what? she's like in 4th grade or something?'.
Raine: (to Z, gushing) "Aww! So cute!"
  • Stevens: "Do you always give mystical evasive answers?"
The Delphinan: "Only the stars can say."
Stevens: "So you never give a direct answer."
The Delphinan: "No."
  • Doc Brown: "I'll try to stop the bleeding!" *draws an eight*
Fetch: "I'll assist!" *draws an eight*
Jeff Wood: "I'll randomize." *draws Death from a tarot deck*
  • silence*
Jeff Wood: "The patient dies.."
  • S.B (Masquerade Oracle, Travelling Poet, Public Speaker Extrordinaire and Love Guru):
At last we touch, your gaze inviting
The bitter winter yielding to change's promise
The noon sun finds us, our hearts alighting
As hour upon hour, we kiss
Only then, can we two, our hearts now bound
Turn to a journey where time is unwound.
  • The Delphinan:
For most, a word
For some, a sentence
Somewhere, someplace, a book
For all, a time
For all, a trip
A shame if ever took
Vaugner: Could you write that down?
The Delphinan: I am the Delphinan, not a stenograph.
  • Sam: *bitching about racist cops* ...They then went through our drivers pulling out Latino, fishing for illegal immigrants. Fortunately, everyone here is legal.
Pretty Boy Joe: *in full public* Oh, that reminds me; how does my fake ID look? *holds it up*
Sam: *looks it over without pausing a beat* Looks good.
  • May, to Hope:"Next time make Raine be more specific as to how you cannot touch Fetch in case he tries something and you need to beat him off."
  • Maxx: "..and they'll be busy with the hollow, moving in supplies and..."
The Delphinan: "Hollow?"
Maxx: *surprised* "You don't know about the hollow?"
Jared/ST: *laughing* The Delphinan's the only changeling in the circus who doesn't know about it?
Jeff: I think there are a few mortals who know about it before me, also.
The Delphinan: "No one tells me anything."
  • Sam Ting: *standing in the open doorway of his trailer with three women (May, Raine & Tara) inside* "I'm busy!" *slam*
  • Hope: "Okay, Raine do you know where babies come from?"
Raine: "Yeah. Why?"
Hope: "Okay, so where do they come from?"
Raine: "Well, um. Two people have...have sex."
Hope: "Right. That's what Fetch wants."
Raine: "He wants babies?"
  • Sam: "Freaking self centered pretty boys."
Hope: " . . . The irony is painful."
Sam: "What irony?" *no response; Hope just stares* "What? What?! Is there something on my face" *checks appearance in Hope's forehead."
  • Hope: "Maybe he(Fetch) would like you if you played hard to get."
Raine: "How do you play hard to get?"
Hope: "You don't sleep with him I guess."
Raine: "But I'm already doing that and he doesn't like me!"
  • Hope: "I don't think Fetch would date just you. Usually he seems to date a lot of people."
Raine: "Do you mean he's too busy?"
  • Z: "We need to find someone to practice on!"
Raine points to Sam, who happens to be standing close by. "What about Sam?"
Sam: "Huh? What?"
Z and Raine look at each other, and sidle up to Sam.
Z (putting a hand on Sam's shoulder): "So, Sam, would you go out with me?"
Sam: "...no!"
Raine puts her hand on Sam's shoulder and mimics Z: "So, Sam, would you go out with me?"
Sam: "...no."
(after a moment of talking)
Raine: "Wait. He rejected us! That's really sad!"
Z: "Yeah, it is, actually!"
(they comfort each other)
Sam: (speechless)
  • Vagner and Fetch, "comforting" a drunk Hope
Hope: "I didn't go to much elem-grammar school. So I don't know how to do anything. I don't have the skill to get any real job."
Fetch: "That's not true, Hope. You can be a prostitute."
Hope: *starts to cry again*
C.M. Vagner: *slaps Fetch*
  • "Never trust a drunk redhead." - Sam Ting, on discovering that all the money in his wallet was gone after a night on the town
  • "These dogs are hand bred!" - Dr Brown, to an entire circus tent of people who immediately tried to picture this.
  • Hope:(to Fetch) "Yeah, but you seem sorta gay."
Fetch: "Why does everyone say that?"
Hope: "Everyone says you're gay? I was just joking around..."
Raine: "Haven't you been sleeping around with guys?"
Fetch "How does that make me gay?!"
  • Anya, in her skater's dress, to Z; "What color are my pants?"
"Your pants are, well, color, I, well, they complement your eyes... and,
I am not sure if I'd call it pants, let's see, what's the French word?"
Anya air punching Z the entire time, looking for a flinch.
To herself later, "yep... blind."
  • Z: "I won't hear anything against Fetch!"
The Delphinan: (fingering his Ringmaster tie) "You'll hear it, and like it."
Z: (non-plussed glare)
The Delphinan (chuckling): "I'm sorry, I just had to see if that worked."
  • Vaugner: Can I work on the (Dresden's) leg wound?
Jared: All it takes is one success to reduce the lethal damage to a bashing.
Vaugner: No, I'm trying to make it worse.
  • Many people: "Theo! Did you tell Tara you were going to kill her?"
The Delphinan: "I told her that if she sold us out to the Gentry, we would hunt her down and kill her, yes."
Many people: "Oh, okay."
  • Someone (I forgot who): "Talk to Sam. That's what he gets paid for."
Dr Brown: "Wait. He gets paid?"
Someone: "Yeah..."
Dr Brown lunges towards an oblivious Sam Ting (standing two feet away) and grabs for his pockets.
Sam Ting: "Hey! What the hell?!"
  • "Is that guacamole? *kneels down, takes a taste* Yep, that's guacamole." - Sam Ting, on discovering Seb's handywork
  • Anya: Even in the coldest night, you can always find something beautiful.
The Delphinan: And then it comes and takes you away....
  • Z: "Oh, by the way, welcome back Sam."
Sam: "*blink* I haven't been gone."
Z: "Huh, really? Weird, haven't seen you around much. *turns and walks away*"
  • Anays: "I was going to have a mental breakdown but I was too stressed"
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