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  • Gene: "Wow. An entire mansion with just Dream and Uriel and a room full of condoms and sex toys. Totally not awkward."
  • (written with Lucas's permission)
Lucas (reading DTA): "...I guess this means I need to kill some children."
Other people: "What?!?"
(On reading DTA: The twilight is empty, and the [ghost] child remembers playing with other children. It wants to play with them again.)
  • (ooc) Gene: Hehe. Sankhya's spinning around trying to get synchronicity to work and the rest of us are standing here questioning her sanity... (proving that sometimes even weird Mage antics are not always understood by other mages)
  • (in a conversation where only Xerces & Kavi understand the Doom Spirit, and nobody understands what Kavi is saying)
Xerces: *negotiate* ...Whose blood?...*negotiate*...How much blood?...*negotiate*
Xerces: *starts eyeing the rest of the group*
ooc: Gene: "You know, we don't know what you're saying but you did mention blood and if you keep eyeing us like that, we're going to know something's up..."
  • (Talking to a changeling in the park)
Xerces: "Well, the truth is, I'm a psychic. And I can tell you've been through a very traumatic experience, and we've been working with these people from this place called Arcadia..."
  • Kavi (on phone): We are at Off the Path Organic Markets. Dream is...
Dream (poking at a termite spirit that snaps at her): Ah! It bit me!
Kavi: ....talking to the termite spirits...
  • Begging Spirit missing an arm and leg: Please? Can I just have a little bit food? I'm so hungry...
Dream: Can we feed it? Maybe we can give it a little bit of essence?
Kavi: We cannot feed just every spirit we come across. Perhaps we could deal with it.
Begging Spirit: Please? I'm so hungry...I just need a little bit of food...
Dream: *uneasy* Well...Kavi thinks we should bargain with you...Can you give us anything in exchange?
Begging Spirit: Well, I could give you my other leg...I need my arm so I can knock on doors...
  • Xerces (after failing 3 attempts to see soul-marks on Kavi): "Maybe Proximi don't have souls?"
Dream: (to Kavi) You don't have a soul?
Kavi: I'm fairly certain I do have a soul...
Xerces (trying again and succeeding): "Oh, there it is..."
  • Xerces (Upon finally catching the soul-eating troll)

--"It's in the sunlight, and it's not turning into stone... Myth busted!"

  • (can't remember who) "Well, apparently if you mention them more than three times in a conversation, they might come for you..."
Xerces & Sri: "Fey! Fey! Fey! Fey!"
  • draws from nearby ST*
Xerces: "...it isn't working..."
Xerces & Sri: "Fey! Fey! Fey! Fey! Fey! Fey! Fey! Fey!"
  • more draws*
  • Dream (translating something Kavi said to Scrie): Oh. Twilight (player quickly flashing hand signal for High Speech) means Twilight.

-- Magnus to Dan Hammond: I have your underwear! Can you please sign it?!?

-- Sterling to Dan Hammond "Comfort her!"

Dan: "No."

-- Alley texting Sterling "You lied. You chose Max."

-- Ophiacus "I need to have a word with my Provost..."


--After B.L sent the mind mage from the room, the player realized..

David(ooc): Damn, I lost my gun and still managed to shoot myself pretty in the foot.

-- (meeting the new Second Opinion member)

Scotty: My name is Scotty.
Maestro: ...Are you good with Space, incidentally?
Scotty: Why do you think I'm called 'Scotty'?
(twenty minutes and some Hedge-fun later)
Scotty: My name is Scotty.
Buffy: ...Are you good with Space?
Scotty: Why do you think I'm called 'Scotty'?
Maestro: *snickering in background*

-- Dean: What happened?

Maestro: Well, first... *five seconds of explanation*
Magnus: What happened?
Maestro: I was saying that. *five more seconds of explanation*
Someone else in background: We need to go!
Maestro: Grrr. *another five seconds of explanation*
Dean: But what happened?! Why are you being so quiet about it?
Magnus: Wow, you seem really testy.

(paraphrased for convenience)

-- Sankhya(ish) "You don't have to be a fighter Buffy. You can do anything you put your mind to if the player controlling you would simply spend some experience points on skills." Given in response to Buffy's feeling that he was trapped in the roll of a warrior. Promptly made him seg-fault...

-- Sankhya, concerning her coworker: "He's always looking suspiciously at me"
Buffy(and every other male in the room): "Dose he sort of sweep his gaze down then back up when he first sees you? Alliteratively he could do it the other way."

-- (overheard from next room) "Actually, can someone give me a Drive test?" "I HATE YOU!" - David and Anais, on realizing that they were driving in another of the Dean's mana-sucked cars

-- Sankhya: "Dean, when you hurt people, do you feel bad?"

Dean: "No." Subterfuge 1 successes
Sankhya: "You're lying." Empathy 3 successes

-- Dean on the phone with Maia 7ft from Sankhya

Dean: Mastero is angry and our psychologist is broken so she can't fix him.
Sankhya: I'm right here!
Dean: I realize that, but you are completely useless at the moment.

-- (reading a printed PDF in its binder thought to be the Mage corebook) "Heh, I think they just copy-pasted this straight out of the Vampire book. (flip flip flip) ...Wait, that could be because this IS the Vampire book." - Joe's OOC slipup

-- After Sterling suppressed life on Magnus. "I just died... in your arms!" Sterling "It must have been something you said."

-- Sterling addressing Miara, Alley and Magnus, "I have your ID badges to get into my company. 'Miara,' 'Alley,' and Mag.'" Magnus "Why Mag??" A little later... Alley "Keep it up and it'll be 'Maggie.'"

-- "He's an idiot, so I'm taking Buffy. I can't believe I just said that.... " -- Max, trying to decide whether to save Buffy or Dean from a burning building...

-"I've been attacked by Assasins......this is so cool!!!" -Magnus following an encounter with 4 paid hit men in an alley.

- "I had never known having no legs would come into play." -OOC comment by player of Magnus

-- (after being Warded by life twice, and had the area Space-warded following Maia and Buffy) "Look, guys, if you don't want me to follow you, just say so..." - the Dean

-- "I don't care about my willpower, I just want my nimbus to go off." - Heather regarding Maiara's Wood Nymph nimbus.

-- "I was almost street pizza!" . o O ( Well, it would have been very high quality street pizza given the bread we're carrying ) Sterling and Bookwyrm, after a near-truck incident returning from Il Fornaio.

- "See, we're their friends. But you can leave us behind, because their friends don't dance, and if their friends don't dance, then we ain't no friends of yours." - Maestro, addressing a spirit of the dance about why it shouldn't bother messing with him, Magnus, or Sankyha

-"What's his deal, doesn't talk much does he?" - Magnus, about five minutes later, talking about Bookwyrm, who is mute.

- "Wow! That is so cool! You turned your legs into water!" - ??? to the Magnus, who had both his legs smashed to flinders and replaced with magical prosthetic.

- "NOOOOOOOOOOOO!" - Maestro, on learning that Max's mansion was burned down with his stuff in it (fortunately, most of his stuff survived)

- . o O ( @#$%^&!!! ) - Bookwyrm, demonstrating that telepathy can convey the pure essence of profanity when needed.

- "My Car!!!" - Sterling, on many occasions.

- "MAX!!!" - Sterling, on many occasions.

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