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When the circus was still a circus, members of all Courts were permitted; no court "ruled" the Cirque, and therefore there was no Court Crown. Control of the Cirque passed between the Society of the Ring and the Society of the Road (commonly referred to as Ring and Road)

Now however, the Iron Ring freehold, forged out of the ashes of the old cirque, follow a seasonal rotation and obey a set of freehold laws that can be found on the game forum.

Special Mechanics

Rules:Performances A mechanic for rehearsed performances.

Rules:Circus Profit How much money does everyone have.

Non-Changeling PC's

Mortals with a reason to be involved with the freehold are fair game. Other Supernaturals may be played but require an application. Certain restrictions may apply.


Mages Arcanum are capped by the Gnosis 1 limits. This lets Mages be far more versatile than Changelings in terms of magic but prevents them completely overpowering Changeling specialist.

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