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Set in the 1930's on the eastern end of Long Island this town is about to be attacked by unnatural forces and only the players can save it... But at what cost?

There is something very strange about this small city, something not quite right and the characters in this chronicle will soon learn that for themselves as they are thrust into the world of magic and monsters, some will survive while others will be forever changed, but none will escape its clutches.

The first game will be played with the board game allowing players to get a feel for the setting, then players will trade their board game character cards for equivalent nWOD character conversions or for their own nWOD characters; after a board game using the new characters the board will be taken away and the game will become a larp and during game players will have opportunities to have their characters trade humanity for other forms of power; changeling, vampire, werewolf, mage. But remember, all power comes at a cost.

PM any questions to Mr E

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