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Even though the information on here is widely known In-Character, it is assumed that non-changelings will be unaware of anything relating to the Lost, unless otherwise specified.

Circus Logo


IC Dates

IC/OOC Calendar, Next Game is in Green:
OOC Date IC Date Game Info
Spring, Season of Healing
6/3/113/20/11General discussion around the freehold, the first relaxation in quite a while. Ariel lost her new wolf cub to a large beast carrying it off and Will Case, young pirate, brought his brain on board Becky the Ship where an explosion killed it and boarders assaulted the vessel nearing killing the youthful wizened and threatening the great pirate admiral Hobbs.
6/17/11 4/15/11 Monarchs deliberated and battles sought out. After preying on the young, and fleeing from their elders, wedding arrangements are made.
7/1/11 5/6/11 Ascension of Iron Summer, Anastasia due. The freehold hob held a wedding, a grand affair with Fae entertainment like none other.
7/15/11 6/6/11 Privateers acting on rumors came for Rachel and Alexander Brown. The girl got away but the boy's not old enough to fight, even with his legacy.
7/29/11 7/8/11 The child was tracked down, to the market of Hobsgood. Others chased the sun, caught it as a ride to china where they met a writing panda and a clearly unarmed Phantom Tong.
8/12/11 8/12/11 The Phantom Tong came to talk while the Autumn Queen took power. Summer training sent many in the freehold on a minor fairy hunt, chasing tooth fairies thru the woods.
8/26/11 8/26/11 In which Luke came face to face with his former life and Brown ventured once more into death, gathering water of the fertility river to trade for his young son.
9/9/11 9/9/11 In which the new wheels of the Hollow make it nearly impenetrable and Hope makes Ariel a jealous phenix. After many an hour of talking a few had snuck off to market to buy some dangerous toys.
9/23/11 9/23/11 Deliberation for Winter begins. Also Zzz got his dog back, now a wonder and a terror to behold.
10/7/11 10/7/11
10/21/11 10/21/11
11/4/11 11/4/11 Ascension of Winter.
11/18/11 11/18/11
12/2/11 12/2/11 Winter reveals itself, intruding into the dreams of others. The child is still saved.
12/16/11 12/16/11 Deliberation for Spring begins
12/30/11 12/30/11
1/13/12 1/13/12
1/26/12 1/26/12 The deadly game of Winter begins, and much carnage is had. Hunter seeks, and the Found lie bleeding behind Her. Has the game doomed the Iron Ring at last?
2/10/12 2/10/12 Ascension of Spring. The crimes of Winter are brought forward, the judge favors the death penalty for the guilty, but the final sentence is not up to him alone.

Map of Travels (historical)

Persons of Interest

Members of the Iron Ring

Courtless or of a foreign court

  • Judgmental King of Courtless Affairs - Dante
  • Star of Courtless Affairs - Fayn
  • Adult Entertainer / Internal Affairs - Skittles
  • Falcon - Ariel





  • Criminal Oracle and King of Winter - Delphinan

Subjects of the Iron Ring

Independent of the Freehold

Peaceably Departed

Dead/Missing/Taken/Jailed/Kicked Out/Left

  • Rose May (Dead)
  • C.M. Vagner - Calliope Player (Dead)
  • Caroll - Tiger and Therapy Cat Tamer (Dead)
  • Jim Chase - Being set on fire (Taken)
  • Willow (Kicked Out, Killed by Hunters)
  • Klaus Hauptmann - Taken by the third Fae in game, after putting a spear in its chest
  • Ezekiel - Killed by the third hunter group in game, accidentally buying others time to get away
  • Cirque Des Perdue - Killed by a military hunter group.
  • Angelus - Angel of the Icy Crown (Killed by Summer sparing, his lover's critical failure, and the hungry claws of the Autumn Queen)
  • Alex Bruce Charles Dickerman - Died of a broken word and a burst vessel in the brain.
  • Sam Ting - Disappeared from Bellingham months ago
  • Mephisto Asmodeus - Killed and released to the police by Dr Brown.
  • Cherry(fetch) - Torn to pieces by the White King, those of Cherry left in the earthly realm, the Arcadian magic taken away.
  • Leinad - Carved up by the Towers.
  • Jack Turner - Dragged off by the huntsman of his own calling.
  • Calypso - Gunned down ambushing the Towers.
  • Robin! - Suicide
  • Jet Moore - Willingly turned into an automaton servant of the mysterious and wonderful Mansion.
  • Dancer of Frozen Grace - Anya Sheuchenka - Not seen since losing the Winter Crown.
  • PI Queen of Winter and Investigator of Secrets - Fier - Missing since TF:V rolled into town.

Locations of Interest

Mortal Places in Bellingham

Scenery in the Hedge

Freehold Information

Laws of the Iron Ring

For histories sake the old Oaths and laws of the Bellingham freehold.


A strange woman has been spotted around town gathering fallen leaves and carting them off -- rumors about town, 12-1-2010

A large loud jerk has been seen all over town talking loudly on his cell in the movies, driving too slowly, and other annoying but legal behavior around town. Some say he's the owner of Bellingham Iron. -- rumor about town, 11-15-2010

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